Thursday, January 31, 2008

Knitting Update

Wow. It just took me 20 minutes to figure out how to work my digital camera on my new computer. I got new camera software and my brain isn't fully awake enough yet today to figure this all out. But I think I got it. I guess we'll see.

Ok. Why did it post sideways? Anyhow there you have it. The "almost" finished back of Mr. C's sweater. I'll work on this one all weekend at the Chalet. (and, yikes, I'm pretty sure at this point that it is going to be too small for him. If Zoe Mellor or whatever her name is would have responded to my request for errata in a timely fashion, or at all even, I wouldn't have this problem)

In other knitting news... finished Opal socks. FOR ME!!!!!!!! They don't even come close to matching but I don't care. I love the weight and feel of this yarn. These little buggers are going to be warm.

I borrowed the books below from my daughter. If you haven't browsed through these yet, take a look. There are some truly adorable things in them. Perfect quick baby gifts.

Once again, let me just say that I wish I could quit work and knit all day long. Ahh... Heaven!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sugar and Spice and Everything... PINK!!!

Mr. C's getting a sister!!!

Is there enough pink yarn???

Things that make you go....hmmn...

Everyone knows I am a huge fan of Vogue Knitting. Why I say that, I don't know because I've never once knit anything out of my vast collections of these magazines. But I want to, I really want to. It's all a problem with time. Because most of what I want to knit out of these magazines is very time consuming and I can't stop knitting things for other people long enough to accomplish anything so time consuming for myself! After leafing through this magazine, it stayed on the newstand. I like Vogue... but this issue.. not so much. There is an adorable hat and scarf set, but that is all I saw that I would knit. (someday)
I have no significant knitting to report. But next weekend my sister, our daughters, and a friend are going away to the nearby ski resort to knit (and eat :-). So lots of knitting should get accomplished by all of us. Hopefully we can keep my sister off the slopes long enough to knit. There are no other skiers among us except for my little pregnant niece who will have to sit this season out!
Tonight we decided to have a soup sampling at the office to chase away the winter blahs. I made this:
It's excellent, but you have to really season it at the end. It's pretty bland to start out. And I'd do the whole pound of bacon next time instead of just 8 oz.
Happy weekend. Happy knitting.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Socks

These need blocked, but they are finally finished and now it's back to work on Colin's sweater. I did have to buy more yarn. I found out that this yarn is heavier than the Opal I'm used to and that is why I ran out. I didn't even notice the difference because it's been a while since I used Opal. I tried to match them and failed. Interestingly, I noticed after I added the new ball right below the heel on the second sock, and was too far gone, that the pattern was going in the opposite direction on the second skein. After unwinding half the ball, and trying to find the same place in the pattern, I finally gave up and started knitting. It finally hit me after looking at it, that the pattern was reversed on the second skein. Duh. If you look at the thin solid grey stripe on the foot, and follow the pattern on both socks, you will see what I mean. It shouldn't have been that difficult to figure out. But at the time, I just couldn't see it. I'll know to look for that the next time.

The lovely Cate, the ex-model of my FO's and second daughter has finally found a teaching position in Virginia. Yay Cate! She will be teaching autistic teenagers and hopefully making a difference in the lives of some special kids. I'm proud. :-)

Cate and Joe

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Knitting

I'm taking time out from Mr. C's cable heavy sweater to do a quick pair of socks.

The colors are not showing up well here. They are truly much better. I am rediscovering the perfection that is Opal sock yarn. This yarn has a real strength and thickness to it that's hard to beat. It feels awesome on your feet. I was going to put this in the Christmas box and get a head start for one of the girls but I've fallen love with these socks. There is only one propblem:
This is not looking or feeling like enough yarn to finish the second sock. And I don't remember ever having a problem with that before with a skein of Opal. I use the same sock pattern all the time. I am so famous for this. Grrr...