Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Crazy Hair

Is it really that crazy? I don't think so. My DH is asking why all the sudden do I have crazy hair? Granted, it's longer than it's been in 15 years, but crazy? I think not. Ok, so I put a little of that wax stuff in there. Change is good right?

On to knitting news. There is none.

On to TV news. There is none.

On to grandchild news. So glad you asked. Colin is doing the cutest thing now. When you ask him, where's crazy man?, he swings his arms around and turns his head all around and starts yelling like a crazy man. It's so cute. I'm pretty sure that all this "crazy man" talk is what started the "crazy hair" discussion. Whatever.

Have a good day.

PS... excuse the crazy wallpaper.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Update

just because I don't have that much time to knit doesn't mean that I can't still dream about it. I got this book with my Barnes and Noble gift cert. for Valentine's Day. There are some cute things in here... but mainly this:

I just love the little I-cord strings on the waist and sleeves. (I'm not sure what purpose the lego thing in the corner is supposed to serve ????? )

So on to television news which seems to be the center of my existence these days. Grey's Anatomy. Hmmmn. I don't know folks. That was just a little bit too whacked out for my taste. But I still love it, don't get me wrong. I don't mind trailing off periodically into a little fantasy world but that was just ridiculous. And then, she's dead one minute and yuckking it up with Christina the next. Pa-lease. At the very least she should have been sick for a little while or something. She wakes up and they start chatting about Christina's engagement. Yeah.

The Oscars. I thought Ellen did a good job hosting. She's a hoot. Other than that, it was kind of boring. I guess no one wanted to be on that worst dressed list so everyone is totally glammed out.. that takes all the fun out of it doesn't it?? But, having said that, I hated Jennifer Lopez's dress.

I started Weight Watchers again on Saturday. Had to. Feeling extremely sloppy these days. And I think I'll start a Yoga program too. And weight training. In my spare time. Ha!

(edited: the book is "Inspired Cable Knits" by Fiona Ellis. Blogger somehow make that photo disappear.)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Very Little to Report....

This is the sock so far. I'll finish this first one tonight I'm sure. I love the colors.
On to American Idol... Yep, upon hearing Lakisha, I agree with Simon, everyone else might as well pack their bags. That girl can belt it out. I just hope America cuts her some slack about her weight. That could be the only thing that ends up killing her, and that would be a shame. She's got the talent and the sob story. I think she's a shoe in. I also thought Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks were very good but not good enough to beat out Lakisha. That Jordin Sparks should keep at it if she loses. She's got the looks and the voice. As for the guys the other night, I liked Blake. But those guys don't have a chance with these three girls in the running. In other TV news, tonight is Grey's. I'm so psyched.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend Stuff

Meghan's sweater is kicking my butt once again. I understand the decrease instructions but it's the "keeping to pattern" all the while decreasing that's getting me. This is where you have to be able to "read" the lace pattern and just know where to start on the next row to keep to pattern. I can't do that. So I've been trying to count backwards taking the decreases into account and that was working for a while but then that got too difficult with all the decreases on both sides. Grrrrrr.... I guess I'll go for help.
And out of the soap pot yesterday, I made this for St. Patrick's Day. I'm really disappointed in the fragrance oil I used. It smells wonderful in the bottle but I can hardly smell it at all in the soap. And I skipped the gel stage too which is supposed to be better for holding the scent. Oh well, at least it will be pretty and great for the skin.
I spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday re-potting plants that were in planters sent to us upon the death of my father. I think I have about 15 plants in separate pots now and that only put a small dent in it. I have so much more to do. I hate to see them all die all crushed together in those planters. I also pressed some of the sunflowers from the grandchildren's bouquet to give to them as a keepsake. My Dad grew sunflowers for the kids every year when they were little to see who's would be the tallest. He would have loved to start that tradition again for the great-grandchildren. Maybe we'll just have to do it for him this summer.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Colin having fun at Giorgio's 1st birthday party....

I think we might have to get him one of these things!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


It's snowing and I'm tired and I'd just like to go back to Sea Island.
I'm not just tired. I'm exhausted. Mostly mentally but I'd say that's the worst kind of exhaustion.
I'd like to grab my sister and just take off. But it doesn't work that way. It should. It really should.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Socks

To be honest, I don't even know what this yarn is. I took the band off and threw it in my knitting basket. It's nice though. I know that it is a 75% wool and 25% nylon blend. I'll give these to my mother for her birthday in March.
All of my soap is cured and ready to go except for the baby soap which needs a little more time to become hard. The baby soap is made with only olive and avocado oils and it takes longer for those. I had intended to have it all wrapped for Valentine's Day but that never happened. Hopefully I can work on that tonight.
We're getting lots of snow. I guess it's about time. But without an S.U.V., it's a pretty big pain in the butt.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Moving forward....

Thank you to all of my knitting friends for the words of kindness and encouragement on the loss of my father. Believe me, it helps to know people care.
In the days and months and hopefully years to come, we will honor my father by taking very good care of my mother.
The knitting needles may slow to a more moderate pace now as more important things take over the spare time in my days.
But that is what you do. You take care of the people you love.
You wouldn't want it any other way.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Life 101

You would have liked my Dad. He was funny. He made us laugh every time we talked to him. He was famous for the one liner. Quick wit.

But funny was just a small part of who he was. He was without a doubt the hardest worker I've ever seen in my life. His philosophy was that if you were going to pay him to do a job, he was going to give you 110% for the money. And he did. My work ethic is for sure a true testament to being raised by him and my mother who was also a very loyal, devoted, and hard working employee.

He was a devoted father and grandfather. He never missed a sporting event. He was our biggest fan. He believed in us. He thought we were the best even when we weren't.

He took care of my mother. He stepped up to the plate when the roles needed to be reversed. He cooked and cleaned and ran errands after years and years of being the pampered one.

Our children are devastated. Their children will never know him which is so sad.

Really. You would have liked my dad.

I'm going to miss him so much.

My Dad
October 14th, 1927 - February 7, 2007

Friday, February 02, 2007

New Beginnings

Our office celebrated the grand opening of our new Howard Hanna franchise (although they prefer to call them "branchises") on Wednesday night. We had a big bash. I sent myself flowers for my desk. (seriously, I did) In keeping with the green and gold theme, this is what they came up with. I like the Bells of Ireland. I guess some people think they're weird. But I liked it.

We gave each guest a piggy bank. They're cute. They arrived the day before the party. I was really sweating that one out. I was picturing myself delivering 300 of these after the fact. That was close!

So, hey, Pittsburghers... if you want to sell, let me know and I'll hook you up with a good agent!

My dad is about the same. I'm still staying with my mother although my sister is going to go tonight and I'll have one night in my own bed which is nice. Cate is coming home. There will be knitting. I'm almost finished with the koigu socks for MOI. I'm still stuck on Meghan's sweater. Today is her 4th birthday, by the way. So happy birthday Meghan! Oddly enough, today is also the birthday of my other niece's sixth child, Shane. He is one today. Ground Hog Day babies both.

Happy weekend. Knit on.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

No Knitting News

Crazy is the only word for life right now. Work is crazy and home is crazy.

Father is in the hospital. Father takes care of mother. Family taking care of mother and visiting Father in the hospital while trying to work and hold it all together.

I guess this is the time we give back to them for giving so much to us.

I did order some Noro Kureyon with my gift Cert. from Kathy's Kreations in Ligonier. I'll make another Lady Eleanor shawl with that some day. It took me since August to figure out what I wanted with that certificate and I finally made up my mind. Entrelac is really fun for those of you who may not have tried it yet.