Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Update

just because I don't have that much time to knit doesn't mean that I can't still dream about it. I got this book with my Barnes and Noble gift cert. for Valentine's Day. There are some cute things in here... but mainly this:

I just love the little I-cord strings on the waist and sleeves. (I'm not sure what purpose the lego thing in the corner is supposed to serve ????? )

So on to television news which seems to be the center of my existence these days. Grey's Anatomy. Hmmmn. I don't know folks. That was just a little bit too whacked out for my taste. But I still love it, don't get me wrong. I don't mind trailing off periodically into a little fantasy world but that was just ridiculous. And then, she's dead one minute and yuckking it up with Christina the next. Pa-lease. At the very least she should have been sick for a little while or something. She wakes up and they start chatting about Christina's engagement. Yeah.

The Oscars. I thought Ellen did a good job hosting. She's a hoot. Other than that, it was kind of boring. I guess no one wanted to be on that worst dressed list so everyone is totally glammed out.. that takes all the fun out of it doesn't it?? But, having said that, I hated Jennifer Lopez's dress.

I started Weight Watchers again on Saturday. Had to. Feeling extremely sloppy these days. And I think I'll start a Yoga program too. And weight training. In my spare time. Ha!

(edited: the book is "Inspired Cable Knits" by Fiona Ellis. Blogger somehow make that photo disappear.)


shell said...

Spare Time?? What is that?? If you find any send some my way!
I like that pattern- so when are you starting it??