Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend Stuff

Meghan's sweater is kicking my butt once again. I understand the decrease instructions but it's the "keeping to pattern" all the while decreasing that's getting me. This is where you have to be able to "read" the lace pattern and just know where to start on the next row to keep to pattern. I can't do that. So I've been trying to count backwards taking the decreases into account and that was working for a while but then that got too difficult with all the decreases on both sides. Grrrrrr.... I guess I'll go for help.
And out of the soap pot yesterday, I made this for St. Patrick's Day. I'm really disappointed in the fragrance oil I used. It smells wonderful in the bottle but I can hardly smell it at all in the soap. And I skipped the gel stage too which is supposed to be better for holding the scent. Oh well, at least it will be pretty and great for the skin.
I spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday re-potting plants that were in planters sent to us upon the death of my father. I think I have about 15 plants in separate pots now and that only put a small dent in it. I have so much more to do. I hate to see them all die all crushed together in those planters. I also pressed some of the sunflowers from the grandchildren's bouquet to give to them as a keepsake. My Dad grew sunflowers for the kids every year when they were little to see who's would be the tallest. He would have loved to start that tradition again for the great-grandchildren. Maybe we'll just have to do it for him this summer.


Yvonne said...

Sounds like a great tradition! :)

SJ said...

Are you working off a chart for the lace portion? When I'm using a chart, I always use a sticky note to keep track of my place from the bottom of the chart to the top, but when decreases are also involved I find it helpful to use a sticky note on the sides as well to cover up the stitches that have been eliminated by decreasing. It can get a little complicated moving all the stickies around, but at least you can follow the chart without having to think too much.

Donna said...

The soap looks wonderful. Do you have any to sell containing olive oil? I hate most soap because it is so drying. The sweater is going to be cute!

shell said...

What a beautiful way to memorialize your father!
I love the soap - can't wait to see you and pick your brain about it - where are you finding lye to make it at?? I am having a horrible time finding it.
Hope to see you soon!