Thursday, February 01, 2007

No Knitting News

Crazy is the only word for life right now. Work is crazy and home is crazy.

Father is in the hospital. Father takes care of mother. Family taking care of mother and visiting Father in the hospital while trying to work and hold it all together.

I guess this is the time we give back to them for giving so much to us.

I did order some Noro Kureyon with my gift Cert. from Kathy's Kreations in Ligonier. I'll make another Lady Eleanor shawl with that some day. It took me since August to figure out what I wanted with that certificate and I finally made up my mind. Entrelac is really fun for those of you who may not have tried it yet.


Yvonne said...

Hope everybody does well, Hol. Let me know if you need anything. That soap cured yet???

LaurieG said...

Hope everything's ok. I'll say a prayer. Have you tried knitting back backwards with the entrelac?

shell said...

Oh Goodness Holly,
Many prayers are being said for you and your parents. If you need anything- let me know.