Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Still here....

Did you know that the busiest real estate season is from the beginning of March until the end of June? It's true. Most people think it's Summer, but it's really Spring. So I'm crazy busy and not much knitting is getting accomplished. I am helping my sister with socks though. So that's something at least. The other night we sat together and I showed her how to work in the round with 4 needles. When I left she was working on the ribbing. Last night, she turned the heel and got to the short rows and I had to walk her through that... on the phone. Try explaining that on the phone! There was no way I was going to proceed to tell her how to pick up the stitches after that. I think we'll have to get together tonight. In person. One thing is for sure. Once you complete that process for the first time, there's no turning back. Sock knitting is by far the most addictive.

We are now getting into the season where you can't figure out what to wear. I stood in front of my closet for 20 minutes this morning deciding. Wool seems too wintry. Summer clothes don't cut it. And the in-between stuff is not real plentiful in my closet. I'm a wool person. My winter clothes are WARM. I think I need to shop. Maybe I'll go to New York City to shop tomorrow. Yeah. I think I will. Ok.. it's not really such a spur of the moment decision. I'm off to New York with my daughters tomorrow to just have fun for the weekend. And I'll definitely be going here:

purl : about us

Watch for stash enhancements next week!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Knitting Knews

This is the Tofutsies sock yarn. Cute socks for Colin waiting to be made. The needles were purchased for the project below. The Estonia Garden shawl is coming along. Slowly but surely. I'm anxious to try out the new needles with it. I definitely needed a pointier tip. I'd like to say I'm enjoying the lace knitting process but I'm really not. Well actually it's not the lace knitting itself that I'm not enjoying, it's the fine yarn. It's just too tedious to work with. You really have to hang on tight to the needles because the yarn isn't heavy enough to hold onto them for you like in most knitting. If that makes any sense. I think I can say with some certainty that this will be my last lace weight project. But I do love the look of it.

I met a friend of mine after my class yesterday at Juniata College. She wanted me to teach her 8 year old daughter to knit. I got her started on a ribbed scarf. K2,P2 in a chunky yarn on size 11 needles. She picked it up right away. Smart little girl. The only problem is, when she makes a mistake, she won't be able to fix it and I'm 30 miles away... and WAY too busy to be going back and forth to help her. So that sort of stinks.

So I guess now I try to get caught up with my work after being gone a few days. Lovely.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Work work work...

That's been what it's all about lately. People think that summer is the busy real estate time but it's really late winter, early spring. So, right now, I'm just trying to keep it all together. And, to top it off, I leave today for another two-day class which I really can't afford right now time-wise.

I have new yarn, but no photo cord here to show you. It's Tofutsies from South West Trading Company. Sock yarn...superwash wool, soysilk, cotton, and Chitin. It's supposed to be naturally antibacterial. I thought they would be great socks for Colin. Chitin is fiber from shrimp and crab shells! It's made in China and it feels wonderful. Check it out somewhere... Maybe here... my LYS.

I also got new Skacel needles for my lace project. Hopefully they will be pointy enough. I was having trouble with that. What I'd really like is a super pointy circular for that. The Denise needles are pointy enough but the lace weight yarn gets hung up in the connection.

Photos the end of the week. I promise! Knit on.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


For all you Irish out there, or those of you who are just Irish for today, here's a recipe to impress:
This recipe was originally published in Bon Appetit Magazine in the early 80's (maybe even late 70's). I found it online the other day with no mention of where they got it. It's exactly the same... same wording, same measurements, same everything. I've been making this recipe for over 20 years. If you like corned beef and cabbage, you haven't lived until you taste it this way.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ah Yes...

Working with the public. Don't cha love it? Well, today, not so much. But we won't go there. Just trust me. It isn't pretty.

I'm tired of all my projects and I want to start a new one. But I won't. I must finish something. I still haven't even picked up Meghan's sweater since I went for help. I just know it will frustrate me all over again. But if I don't pick it up soon, I'll really forget what I'm supposed to TRY to do and I'll be back to square one with that.

I'm loving the new sock yarn I bought (post below). It's so soft. I'll definitely buy more of that. They are coming out with one that has the Neapolitan Ice Cream colors. That should be fun. Nothing like ice cream socks.

I didn't get to see Idol last night but I read about it online this morning. I did see it the night before. I didn't like the fact that they all had to sing Diana Ross songs. They just weren't right for so many of them. But I guess when you're a professional entertainer, you should to be able to do it all. Here's what I don't understand though. The judges have a habit of telling the contestants.. "That was just so average. You didn't take the song and make it yours." Then, when they do sing a song their way, they get criticized and told that they didn't need to rearrange the song, that the original arrangement of the song should be left alone. That's a bit of a contradiction. They either can or they can't, should or they shouldn't. Which is it? Seems like a "damned if you do and damned if you don't " sort of situation to me.

Well, back to the world of real estate. And, today, it's a crazy world. I wish you could get paid to knit.

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Sock Yarn

Great new yarn dyed by Shelley can be found at my LYS .

It's super soft merino superwash. Feels great. I had to laugh when I got this home and
wound it into a ball. It's the exact same colorway as the koigu I bought at PURL in NYC last year. If nothing else I'm consistent.

My mother is 80 years old today. She got out of the hospital just in the nick of time for her surprise birthday bash. We almost celebrated without her which would have been very bad. It was a bad Weight Watchers weekend for me. I fell WAY off the wagon. But, hey, your mother only turns 80 once, right?

Friday, March 09, 2007

Finally! Socks!

It took a while but these are finally complete just in time for my mother's birthday. They sort of match. It's close anyhow. She has been admiring them as I knit them not knowing they were for her. I think the doctors are springing her from the hospital later this afternoon so I guess the surprise 80th birthday bash is back on. Phew!

This pile of interesting looking stuff is shea butter. Wow did I ever get a great deal on this. I found a "butter buy" on one of the soap lists and took advantage of it. That is where someone puts it out there to the members of the list to order, then she takes it upon herself to collect your money, buy in major bulk, then separates the orders out, and mails it to you when it arrives at her house. If you're buying 100 lbs. of it or more, imagine how much less expensive it is. I was lucky to get in on this one. This is a wonderful additive to my soaps. And at a fraction of the normal price. I'm going to try to make soap on Sunday, if all goes as planned with my life.
But these days, you just don't know.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Knitting Chatter....

Ok.. so I love the new issue of Some cute things. They read my mind with those fingerless gloves with a more masculine twist. My son saw the ones I made for myself (Fetching) and he commented that he really liked them. So I took off on a mission to find a more suitable pattern for him and never found one I really liked, until this issue came up with Dashing. So that was cool.

I also liked a lot of the patterns in the Spring Issue of Interweave Knits. But they all definitely fall into the category of too many projects, too little time. So I don't think I'll be going there with any of them any time soon.

Still waiting for Kathy at Kathy's Kreations to call me and let me know my Noro came in. I'm itching to start another Lady Eleanor. I love that pattern from Scarf Style.

Ok, so now I'm off to the hospital to visit my mother. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Not much to report...

I know. I 've been a bad blogger. But I have nothing to show. The socks are nearly finished. I'll finish them tonight. Then I really, really need to figure that lace sweater out. I did go for help, and she showed me what I need to do next, but I just don't know...

I'd love to just be working on the lace shawl. I was really cooking on that thing until I cast on for Meghan's sweater. I can never leave well enough alone!

I bought some nice sock yarn on Saturday. Hand dyed merino by a local artist.... Shelley! It's beautiful. Photos and info on that later in the week.

Right now, I'm off to school for a few days in State College. And, yes, I'm going to miss my THIRD knitting night at Barnes and Noble. I haven't been able to make one yet.