Friday, March 31, 2006

Not Again....

ZYX Friday - Featuring the letter "P"

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Is it Friday already? How'd that happen? I don't know but I'm glad it's here.

"P" is for Pecan Pie. First of all, I'm not a big pie person. Give me ice cream instead any day. But there are two "P" pies that I could eat every day of the week and they are pumpkin and pecan. I like non-spicy pumpkin pie.. I have a great recipe.. and I love pecan pie any way, shape or form. Yum!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Because you asked....

2006 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival - Home

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ta Dah! Presenting Corie

(click on the photo for full effect)

Pattern: Baby Jacket by Sirdar (sir3042)
Yarn: Plassard DK 100% acrylic purchased Victoria's House of Needleart, Duncansville, PA
Size: 12 mo.
Needles: U.S. size 3 and 6
Buttons: JHB International - JoAnn's Fabrics

Comments: Pattern is written well and easy to understand. As everyone who reads my blog knows, this was my first experience with intarsia. I'll do it again eventually, but it will be a while. Not my favorite process. But, looking at it, it was worth it. I'm very pleased with this sweater. The buttons are not sewn on, they're just laying there so that's why they look a little crooked.

Knitting News for Wednesday

I worked on the Opal petticoat sock last night and the hat to match Corie and made good progress on both. I have to say that after just finishing the sock in "Trekking" yarn, and now using the Opal yarn, there is no contest as to which sock yarn feels better. The Opal wins it hands down. It just feels better .... thicker I guess... more substantial. These socks are really growing on me. Will I give them to Charlotte or not? Yeah, probably.

I brought Corie to work with me today so I can stop after work and buy buttons for her. My intention was to go to the LYS for buttons but they are not open on Wednesdays. I guess if I can't find anything cute at JoAnn's I'll stop in there tomorrow. But you know how it is when you just want to get something finished. It's like when you want a haircut. You have to do it NOW.
That has gotten me into trouble at times. Believe me.

In camera news, I did write a letter to fuji telling them how disappointed I am to be treated this way. I got to thinking yesterday that that was my third Fuji digital camera I have purchased. I got my daughter one for graduation a few years ago and I had one before this one. And I have always used Fuji film for my 35mm camera. I have been loyal to that company!! I am sure they are saying it shows signs of shock damage because the casing is scratched up. I keep it in my purse all the time and it rubs up against pens and my calculator, etc. But it was never dropped. Boy this makes me mad!!! I think I purchased it with my VISA debit card. I don't know if that counts as a credit card or not as far as contesting the purchase.

I've been trying to figure out what to do about Maryland Sheep and Wool. Last year a bunch of us went together and this year everyone seems to want to do their own thing. I guess my decision is do I want to go and come back the same day like last year or go and stay and go both days. I enjoyed being there. I think I could walk around and look at that stuff two days in a row. But then the smarter part of my brain is telling me that my daughter, who will be three weeks away from having a baby and having just moved back to town two weeks before, may need me more that weekend than the sheep do. Decisions decisions.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Finally... Socks On The Needles

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This is Opal Petticoat yarn. I'm loving the way it looks but I don't wear pastels so I'm giving these to a co-worker. I made socks for Charlotte last year (or longer ago?) and she just raves about how much she likes them so I think she deserves another pair.

In digital camera news, don't ever, and I mean EVER, buy a Fuji camera. I sent my 8 month old Fuji FinePix camera to the repair place I found on their website (with the receipt and still under warranty) and I got a letter back yesterday stating it will cost me $126.00 to repair it. Very amusing. The explanation was that there is evidence of "shock damage" and that is not covered under warranty. The only shock that occurred here is to my system. That camera was never so much as bumped. One minute it was working and the next it wasn't. I wonder how often they get away with this? I am furious. As realtors, we have to have digital cameras and I'm going to tell every realtor I come in contact with this story. NEVER BUY A FUJI!! And I'll never buy fuji film again as long as I live for my other camera.

Oh, and one more thing. They want me to send them $15.00 to cover shipping and handling to get the camera back. Yeah. That might happen. I think you know what they can do with that camera.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Break Out The Champagne!!!

Yes, it's cause for celebration. Corie is FINISHED. She is blocking and just needs buttons sewn on. I will present her to the viewing public as soon she's dry and buttoned. I'll gift her on Saturday night when we all get together to meet little Giorgio who will be visiting for the first time from London. It's going to be a good weekend.

I started a hat to match Corie since I have so much yarn left over. I'm not going to obsess about getting it done though. When it's finished, it's finished.

Big listing appointment today... big. Keep a good thought for me. I want it! I shouldn't have said that. Now, if I don't get it, I'll have to admit defeat publicly. Crap.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

How To Knit Socks

I've had several people ask about knitting socks. This book is the answer. I'd definitely start out with adult socks first and then do baby socks. My brain is a little funky. I have to be shown how to do something. Rarely can I just read it and do it. Almost every new knitting skill I learned someone had to show me. Socks are the only exception. I learned socks solely from this book. The directions to knit socks are so well explained and defined in this book that anyone could do it. It spells out every row. Most sock patterns you find assume a lot. These sock patterns assume you know nothing and explain everything. If you want to learn to knit socks.... buy this book.

ZYX Friday- Featuring the letter "Q"

A day late - AGAIN! Anyhoooo.... Q is for quilt. This particular quilt is only the top piece of a quilt. It was never finished. I wish you could see how beautiful it is and how the hand work is so awesome. My grandmother died when I was six years old. She was my father's mother. I really don't remember her. I remember sitting on the back porch with her and my brother once and my brother folded himself up in a lawn chair and couldn't get out. He was probably around 3 at the time. We laughed and laughed. (well, he was laughing too) Anyhow, that's the only real memory I have of her. She was in the middle of making this quilt when she died. My aunt knew how I always admired it and she gave it to me. It really can't be finished. The fabric is too delicate and worn down now. I often think that I must get my love of crafty things from her.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Holy Addiction!

I never knit in the morning before work. Never. But this moring when I walked past the little intarsia sweater it just looked like it really needed that trim picked up and put on the left front so I had to do it. I ended up going to work without my makeup on because I didn't have time. This is when you know you have a problem. It's time to report to Knitters Anonymous. And if there isn't such an organization, there should be.

The felting night at the LYS was fun last night. I expected to see the same people as our monthly knitting guild and not one of those people was there. All new faces for me. Nice people. And dinner was provided as well! It can't get much better than that. So here is what I started and finished. It will be a little accessory bag when it's felted. She also had a pattern for a larger make-up bag done on larger needles. I'll have to be making a few of these. Quick and easy and great little gifts.

But now for the greatest news! I've been pampered! Really pampered! Check. It. Out.
Goodies from the Body Shop. The hand lotion smells so good it's unbelieveable. And the pedicure set is exactly what these feet need after a long cold winter! Bring on the sandals!
Thank you so much Lisa! I just love these sets. And thanks to Yvonne for setting it up.

Tonight we will go to Barnes and Noble in State College again. Naturally I'll be looking for a knitting book to add to my collection. I'd like to find that one Cate told me about with the instruction for the twisted I-cord. I forget the name of it right now but it will come to me.

Oh, and my knitting this morning cost me my breakfast too. I'M STARVING!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Vogue Spring/Summer

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Really disappointing... and this one is my favorite! Cute cover though.

Thursday in Railroad Town... not much to report

Image hosting by Photobucket

The buttonhole trim thing... So... the other side and then the collar and this one is off the books.
THANK GOD! Definitely cute. Definitely a pain. And she's definitely worth it!

You can't believe what I put myself through last night trying NOT to cast on a pair of socks. It must be what needing a drink feels like. I SO wanted to do that. But I knew if I did, this sweater would never get finished.

I have Kepler on again today at work. So far no one has asked me if I knit it. Pretty soon I'm going to put a sign around my neck that says, "HEY... I knit this sweater. Isn't anyone going to tell me how cool it is???" Yep, I'm needy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sheetz MTO's , Work, Felting, and Intarsia Update

So I just INHALED a Sheetz MTO Tuna sub and I feel like I need to go run around the building about 200 times for damage control. Gosh I love Sheetz food. I just love food period. The Sheetz headquarters is here in Altoona. Nice people.. good food. Great marketing. I admire that company. They seem to do everything right.

I had an appointment that I was looking forward to get canceled at the last minute today. Drat. I got all dressed up for nothing! I could have dressed WARM today! I tend to dress less professionally in the winter because I really need to be warm. What I REALLY need is to live in Florida.... although I have to say the weather really is the only thing that impresses me there. It's flat, every house looks the same, it's buggy, it's reptiley... OK, nevermind, I talked myself out of it. I'll just stay here and freeze to death.

Tomorrow night at the LYS there is a felting night where everyone buys one skein of wool and then trades lengths to make a striped bag. So we'll swap and knit. Sounds like fun, don't you think? I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but, hey, I DID finish Kepler, right?

The intarsia Corie sweater is almost there. I just need to add the button and collar trim and I'm finished. I'm excited to give it to her. She won't be too thrilled but I think her mom will like it. I'll have plenty of yarn left over to make some little accessories to go with it... maybe a hat and mittens.

I've got my mind on future projects now that I'm winding down on the the big ones I had going. Still can't get Michaela out of my system and I need to do Kelly's big bulky sweater that I promised her. And the Lady Eleanor shawl is swirling around in my brain as well. And jaywalkers. And what about baby Colin.. my grandson whom I haven't knit anything for yet except for a tiny pair of socks. I wonder what that's all about. Am I waiting to meet him to decide what he might like? I'm thinking he should be my first priority. I love that pinwheel baby blanket. Could be the way to go....

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Whew! Busy!

I worked a little on Corie... the left front is at the bottom and that's the last piece I did. I haven't been able to knit ... work is getting crazy. Let the selling season begin!!

The baby shower was successful and fun and I DID wear Kepler. Only my aunt whom I hardly ever see, asked me if I knit it. My family, who all know that I'd rather knit than sleep (not eat), never even asked!

My daughter gave me her old digital camera to use and it will be okay until I get a new one. So I'm back in business! Yay!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stolen MeMe

1. I need: More Clients
2. Sex: female (that's what that meant, right?)
3. Relationships: Most are fragile
4. Your Last Ex: The one before my husband was a good guy as well. I hope he's happy.
5. Power: Knowledge
6. Marijuana: know someone who grew it in high school in his parents living room- they didn't know what it was.
7. Crack: why would you ever try it in the first place?
8. Food: yes, please
9. The President: dresses well
10. Drama: junior high school
11. Cars: I need a new one
12. Gas Prices: Total insanity
13. Halloween: My favorite holiday after Christmas
14. Politics: Every facet of life is ruled by politics
15. Religion: Is not hereditary contrary to popular belief
17. MySpace: welcome to
18. Worst Fear: something happening to my kids
19. Marriage: Good days and bad days
20. Fashion: All it takes is money
21. Brunettes: love that chestnut color
22. Redheads: wanted one of my children to be a redhead... didn't happen
22. Blondes: Was a serious blonde as a child... got darker over time
23: Work: Most days I love it. Some days the stress is unbelievable
24: Pass the time: Knit
24: Football: Not a big fan... but I like it when the Steelers are winning because it makes my family happy.
25. One night stands: I have never understood how anyone could do that. It's not in my makeup.
26: Pet Peeve: People getting into an empty church pew and sitting on the end instead of going to the middle.
27: Pixie Stix: Love those things. I can't help it.
28: Vanilla Ice: Only if the world runs out of ice cream
29: Porta Potties: YUCK
30: High school: I wasn't a fan of that either.
31. Ice cream: Coffee flavored and keep it coming
32. Pajamas: The heavier, the better
33. Wood: cherry furniture
34. Surfers: does the word shark mean anything to you?
35. Pictures: The first thing I would try to grab if my house caught on fire

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Awww.... Thanks Pampered Pal!

I've already been pampered! I got the cutest Hallmark e-card from my Pampered Pal. Made my day!

Friday, March 17, 2006

ZYX PHOTO FRIDAY - Featuring the letter "R"

R is for relatives. Happily, I like mine. This is my daughter's wedding in June 2003. I can't believe it will be three years ago. We're missing some people (spouses and babies) who have come on board in the years since, but it's a good representation of my Irish American family. Happy St. Pat's to all!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my knitting friends!

Sure as the shamrock's a beautiful green
And Irish skies are blue -
Sure 'n the luck of the Irish is mine
Just knowin' the likes of you.

Wear green!!!

Pampered Pals

1. How often do you set time aside just for yourself?

I knit most evenings so I guess that counts. That is about the only time I set aside for myself. Weekends are usually busy with work.

2. Hobbies:
Knitting. Reading. Soapmaking

3. Favorite scents:
Lavender, Clean Cotton (yankee), Floral scents.... not too big on food scented things

4. Chocolate
Dark is my favorite.

No allergies to anything.

New FO .... finally

Pattern: Kepler by Emily at Fathom Harvill

Yarn - Hand spun and dyed wool silk blend by Shelley at Rose Garden Fibers
Rose Garden Fibers

needles: Boye aluminum size U.S. 8

Modifications: none (although I did sew the front onto the waistband instead of picking up the stitches because in the final measuring upon blocking the front, the band was too long and had to be shortened. Thus, I had to disconnect the front from the waistband, leaving a ragged edge that had to be bound off and sewn back on to the shortened band)

Overall thoughts: I like the pattern. I love the braided bands. The design is not flattering for anyone's figure but I knew that going in. It makes me look hippy. I wish it had been knit on smaller needles because I feel the stitches are too open. Maybe lengthening it a little would have helped the overall appearance. I am also not happy with the seaming through the braided bands but I did the best I could. I think it's definitely sweater to wear with jeans... very casual. All in all, I'm happy with this sweater.

In other news I had my phone interview today about my family blog for the newspaper. She did ask me if I would publish the blog address. I said no. There is something intrusive about that to me. Voyeuristic even!! I don't want my family to feel like everyone in America is reading our family news. I don't care about the knitting blog... it's more of a public forum.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Feed Me.... I'm Irish

St. Patrick's Day is always a big deal around here. I have to admit that I started the tradition long long ago and now I'm paying for it. Corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread is a must. This stuff takes time. And we're having a baby shower for 60 people on Saturday!! Gosh. I have noticed everyone tiptoeing around the question of whether or not the meal is going to happen this year. So I broke down and bought all the ingredients last night and this morning and, yes, I'm cooking the traditional meal. It's a recipe from a very old issue of Bon Appetit magazine and it's the best corned beef and cabbage there could ever be. And I know corned beef. If anyone wants it, let me know. I'll send it to you.

The big knitting news is that Kepler is finished except for the i-cord neck edge. I sewed it all together last night. I have much to say and comment on about the finished project but I think I'll hold off until I can post the photo of the completely finished object. Let me just say that I will not be wearing it to the baby shower.

This morning I was thinking... I have to lose weight. My sister is having a big party (dressy reception type party) on June 2nd. I have a dress to wear. I love it. I wore it once to a wedding out of town. I couldn't get into it right now if my life depended on it. And this dress.... wow would it look great with the Michaela Shawl. I think I'm going to try it again. Lace. Ugh. Why do I torture myself with lace???

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday Update

Irish loves Spring Break. I'm sure Cate would rather be in Cancun, but Irish is glad she's home.

I have spent the last hour trying to pull photos of Ireland into this post and I'm finally giving up. I have great photos on our family blog that my daughter took last year but photobucket is saying they are not in the correct format and blogger won't pull them either. I give up. I thought that since it's St. Patrick's Day week, and I am camera-less, I'd just post some photos of Ireland but, sorry, it's not happening.

Speaking of the family blog, I am being interviewed by the local newspaper tomorrow regarding that blog. That should be interesting. I just hope they don't ask me for the blog address because I'm not giving it out. I'm sure my family doesn't want the public viewing our blog. I don't. It's like a family diary of sorts if you think about it. Sometimes I'll give the address to friends so they can see the photos of the babies... but that's about it.

I sewed the first sleeve onto Kepler last night and the one side seam. It looks ok. I'm not crazy about the seam at the braided bands. That could have turned out better but I think it's as good as it's going to get. Tonight I will sew in the second sleeve and then I'll be ready to tackle that I-cord neck edge. I finally "get" the regular i-cord edging. And I think I'm starting to "get" the twisted i-cord edge that Cate (mamacate, not my cate) did. I will play with that and see what happens.

My daughter Kelly told me that I could have her old digital camera. She can't find the software for it but it's a fuji too, so I'm guessing that my software will be compatible. I sure hope so. My son-in-law says I don't need the software to transfer photos, only to edit photos. I never knew that. I am hopeless when it comes to this technology.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Kepler... the continuing saga

Well, leave it to me to come up with a dilemma in the final hour of Kepler. I was searching on Google to find some posts about the I-cord neck edge when I came across this post:

mamacate: Kepler, Esq., and the Wrath of the Knitting Goddess

Is that not just incredibly cool? It's so much better than the way the original pattern is written. To me, it is just a much more professional look. And according to Cate, who was kind enough to answer my email about it, the technique can only be found in a book titled "Latvian Dreams" by Joyce Williams. ($30.00!!!!!!!!!!!)

So here's the dilemma.... I can finish it the original way and wear it on Saturday, or I can be patient and get the book and do the awesome twisted i-cord neck at some point in the future.

DRAT... why did I have to see that???

Oh, by the way, my mom is doing great. :-)

Monday Monday

This is the blue roving that I spun the other day. It is more consistent in thickness than the pink one. There just isn't as much of it. It will make a nice edging on mittens or something like that. I don't know what the difference was in the two fibers but the blue was more difficult to spin. It kept breaking apart. It sure is pretty though.

I finally started the front of the Corie intarsia sweater last night. I sweet talked myself right into it. I coaxed myself. I begged myself. Just let me get through this sweater.

I also got a lot finished on the second trekking sock at an open house I did yesterday. That pair of socks will be finished shortly and then I want to start a pair of the jaywalkers in the knit picks Cape Cod colorway. I've had that yarn in my stash for 2 years. It's time to use it.

I read the instructions last night for the Kepler I-cord neckband. I'm not getting it at all. It's greek to me. I guess I'll just keep reading it until it finally makes some sense to me. Wearing that on Saturday is looking mighty iffy.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Colin's Socks

So far the only thing I've knit for my baby grandson, Colin... due in May. Look! They match! I don't normally display my fo's on a garbage bag but I had it on the table to lay wet towels on to block the front of Kepler. Yesterday, when I pinned the front and the back of Kepler together, and tried it on, much to my surprise I found that it fits me like a glove. I can't believe it. Now, if I can just get the sewing right, it will be a very successful FO. The last piece (sleeve) is currently blocking. In finishing it, you sew all the pieces together and then add an I-cord neck edge. I'm almost there. Could it possibly be that I WILL be able to wear it to the baby shower on Saturday? Stay tuned!

Thanks for all the nice comments on the yarn that I spun. Actually, I tried to knit a ear warmer thingy with it and it didn't work out at all. Shelly spun the first so many yards of it showing me how to do it, then, when I started spinning it, I was making it much thicker than her's so, as I was knitting with it, the width of the band kept growing and I had to rip it out. (that was a run-on sentence if there ever was one) Anyhow, the yarn is pretty, but I don't know what I'll be able to do with it.

I finished the baby hat for charity knitting this morning. I guess I will continue to take photos with my film camera and have them put on CD's so I can post them here until I figure out what to do with my digital camera. I still haven't checked with Circuit City to see if I have any recourse for a refund for that thing. I need to go back in my archives on here to see when I purchased it. I know it hasn't been a year. It's very frustrating. I'm not a happy camper about that camera.

Today is my mother's 79th birthday. As we were all sitting at dinner last night, I was thinking what a miracle it is that she is still here. You just can't believe what she's been through... so many health issues that she should not have survived. She's a fiesty one. Tomorrow she is having two additional surgical procedures that I'm a little nervous about. I'm sure she'll be fine but given her history, it's always a worry.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Adventures in Spinning

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

TA DA!!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

ZYX Friday - Featuring the Letter "S"

Always a day late and a dollar short (as my mother used to say). S is for snowglobe. I began collecting snowglobes about 5 years ago. I finally had to quit because I ran out space to put them. Now I will buy one only if I feel I can't live without it. I love the musical ones.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Blog Stuff

So Cate informs me that my blog is very boring without photos. I believe she's right.
Still no new digital camera in sight.

I spun some of the blue roving that natasha sent last night and washed it and hung it to dry. I detect a little felting with that wash and I didn't agitate it at all. It's not really enough for anything but I was thinking it would be a cute edging for a pair of mittens. While I'm not totally hopping onto the spinning bandwagon at this point, I know that I will continue from time to time as the spirit moves me. I really can't figure out how to keep the yarn consistent. I'm all over the place with it...thick, then thin.... thick, then thin. I just can't get the hang of feeding it out with any uniformity. (if that makes sense)

Little Giorgio became a U.S. citizen yesterday at the American Embassy in London so congratulations to him. I can't wait to see him.

Our local paper, The Altoona Mirror, is advertising for people with blogs to come forth and be identified and interviewed for a human interest story. I am contemplating doing it. More for my family's blog than this one. Our family blog has been so great for us. We communicate with each other through that more than we ever have without it. It's been a great tool for us to stay in touch with everyone. And with the baby boom, we're seeing photos of the new additions the day they are born on the blog. I'm not really one to be in the lime light, but I'm proud of our blog and I just may do it. Plus, any public exposure in my business, can't hurt. My face is already all over the real estate stuff. What do you think? Would you do it?

In knitting news, I have decided to do the Lady Eleanor stole for my sister for her birthday in August. I love that thing and entrelac was on my list of things to learn this year. While most people are doing this in Noro Silk Garden (or something like that) I want to find something else.
I know that everyone loves Noro but for some reason I'm not a fan. There are few color combinations that I like. So if anyone has any suggestions for another yarn for that project, let me know. If not, I may just scout around at Maryland Sheep and Wool for something.

If you want to see a really adorable entrelac FO, check this out:

the knitsmithy

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Being Irish....

Your Irish Name Is...
?ne Healy

I find this humorous. I'm probably one of the few whose assigned Irish name is not quite as Irish as their real name!

New Obsession...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Oh. Wow. I can't believe how well my yarn turned out. This is an old photo of the roving and I can't wait to show you the finished product. I gave it a bath and hung it to dry last night and it was dry already this morning. I think it should be close to around 40 yards. Yes, I'm becoming a little obsessed. I tried to spin the blue roving last night and it did not go as well. So that leads me to believe that all roving is different. Is it not? I had problems with it breaking off a lot more than the pink yarn.

In other knitting news I put a few inches on the trekking sock and finally blocked the front of Kepler. I have one sleeve to block yet but it didn't fit on the wet towels and I didn't feel like doubling up on that process. I'll just do it when the front drys. I have to say it's looking too big. Everything I knit to wear is too big. I had the same problem last summer with all those cotton tops I knit. I don't get it. I knit to gauge. I measure. I don't know. Another mystery. But, like I said before. It will fit someone. Ugh.

I will take my camera film tomorrow to be put on CD so I can post some photos. I have to take some photos for work tomorrow so I have to wait. Once I get that back, I'll have a photo extravaganza!!!! Yee haw!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Really! I did it. Well, OK, I did it badly but I did it! I can't get it consistent but I'm sure that takes practice. Thank you Natasha for my drop spindle and roving! I did all of the pink roving this evening. Man! I wish I could post photos! My knitting night friend Shelly showed me how to do it. She makes some awesome yarns that you can see here: Rose Garden Fibers

The only thing I really don't understand is that it is wound so tight that when I try to knit with it, isn't it going to, like, unwind or something? I just feel like when I take it off the spindle it's going to all un-twist. I don't get how that works.


Knitting Night

Tonight is our monthly knitting night so I will FINALLY find some time to knit. We start at 6:00pm with an hour of charity knitting and then 7 to 9 is knit whatever you want. Our charity knitting is supposed to consist of chemo caps. I have decided to go against the grain and make baby hats for the hospital nursery. It's more my thing. And, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't wear a chemo cap even if I needed one. I don't like how they look on people. If it were me, I'd rather wear a bandana or one of those wrapped turban deals.... or better yet, an actual wig. Nope, not into chemo caps.

I finally took my mother shopping last night so I never got the other pieces of Kepler blocked. That poor thing has been in limbo forever. There is an end in sight, it's just pretty far out there on the horizon.

The lack of a digital camera is driving me crazy. The problem is, with this big honking baby shower coming up I can't just run out and buy a new one right now and I don't want another cheap one. Been there, done that, not doing it again. I've been taking regular photos of my stuff but scanning them AFTER getting them developed is also a pain. My scanner has some major quirks, the likes of which I have not figured out yet. It's a printer/scanner/copier thingy that requires a degree from MIT to use it. And while we're bashing technological devices, the number two on my cell phone has a huge hole in it and that is also driving me crazy just knowing that it's there. I guess my finger nail wore a hole in it. I dont' know. Do I use the number two more than the others? Do I have something against it that I push on it harder? It's a mystery. And I can't afford a new cell phone either! Crap!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Durrow Pattern

Wow... check out this guy's Durrow sweater from MagKnits.


When I first saw this pattern on the MagKnits website, I thought that if I could actually SEE it, I'd probably like it. It is featured in black and you really can't see it. But, this, in a light shade is just awesome. I'd knit this for my son if I thought he would:

A. take care of it.
B. would wear it
C. would appreciate it

But the truth is, none of the above would probably happen so I guess that's out. My husband can't stand heavy sweaters so I'd certainly never take the time knowing that he'd never wear it.
Gosh.... who can I knit this for????

In Academy Awards news.... I have to say that I am shallow enough to watch that every year just to look at the dresses. I don't care who wins what because I am not a movie buff. I do go occasionally but I mostly rent DVD's that I know will make me laugh, usually romantic comedies.
I'm not into political films, war movies, documentaries or biographies. I don't care who did or did not deserve to win, I just want to see the dresses!!!! And, last night, what a disappointment. I think all the women got together and said "let's declare this the year of the ugly dress". Ugh.

Knitting Weekend - Still No Photos :-(

I did accomplish some knitting this weekend. I tore the Kepler front apart after realizing the waist band was too long. This brought on an entirely new challenge about what to do with the front piece. Because the stitches for the front were picked up and knit ON to the band, when I disconnected it, I had a raw edge that obviously could not be "knit" back on. I'm sure there is some technique I could have used to re-connect those stitches to the band but that procedure is way beyond my skill set so I decided to put the loose stitches back on the needles, knit a few more rows for length and then actually sew it onto the band. It turned out better than I anticipated. It doesn't look much different than the back where the stitches were picked up and knit onto the band. So I will block the front and remaining unblocked sleeve tonight and hopefully have this sweater finished by the end of the week.

I also finished a pair of infant socks for Colin. I used some left over blue self-striping Opal yarn from a skein I used a long time ago for socks for myself. It felt good to use up some leftovers. That makes three pairs of infant socks made in the last month from leftover sock yarn. I knit two pairs for Giorgio on the way to and from New York City last weekend.

Last but not least I started the second sock from the colorful Trekking yarn I bought a few weeks ago. These socks aren't really speaking to me so I think I'll put them in the box to be gifted at Christmas time. They really aren't me. Charlotte (who I work with) has hinted around about how much she loves the socks I made her last year and I think she could use a new pair. But these socks are not her either. I'm thinking maybe that Opal Petticoat I bought might be just the thing for her.

I have not abandoned the intarsia baby sweater. I will begin work on the front very soon. It's just SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT. I'll pick that back up sometime before the end of this week.

I have been considering taking a knitting break to get some household redecorating done. It is looking like my daughter and son-in-law may have to move in with us temporarily if their house doesn't sell soon. I will have to move my son into the spare room if that happens. It needs some major work - paint, wallpaper, carpeting, etc. I cannot devote the time I do to knitting and accomplish that at the same time. And that room is just the tip of the iceberg. I think I may finish up some knitting projects, hide the needles and yarn from myself, and devote the Spring and Summer to the house. It will make me sad but I have to prioritize!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Benny and Corie

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Cute photo... I'm sure he wonders where his little sister is these past few days. Hopefully she'll be home soon.

ZYX Friday - Featuring the letter "T"

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T is for Truffles. Cappuccino truffles to be exact. Oh my. To die for. We have a local candy company, McIntyres Candies, who make the best candy and truffles. The best! For a treat, check out their website:McIntyre's Candies

Still no camera and no knitting. This babysitting gig is exhausting. I forgot how much work taking care of a toddler can be. A lot of work and a lot of fun. I guess I better get used to it!

I do hope to get some knitting done this weekend. I have to figure out the Kepler problem. I can't believe I screwed that up so badly. And I thought it was going so well.

Get well wishes to Heather's husband, Monty! I hope he'll be back home soon.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

CraziER Week!!

This week just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. I'm still in limbo over the digital camera thing. I guess I'll just have to break down and buy a new one because I can't find any of what I need to send the other one back for a refund.

I decided to block the front of Kepler last night and when I was measuring it out on the towel, the measurement of the waist band was two inches too big. This is very strange because I measured that thing 10 times. I'm wondering if it "grew" when I picked up the stitches for the body of the sweater. I can't imagine that. It didn't happen with the back which is already blocked into perfect proportions. I don't know what happened but I knew it couldn't stay that way so I took the front piece off so I can shorten the band. And of course, now I have a raw edge on the front because I knit that ON to the waist band by picking up the stitches. How do I get that back on after I shorten the band? I'm sure there is a way other than binding off and sewing it on but I sure as heck don't know what it is. I'm open to suggestions.

For those of you not aware, I'm off work for a few days to babysit my grand nephew while his new sister has surgery on a blocked intestine. I just have a few words of advice for you new mothers. Trust your maternal instincts. My nephew's wife has been fooling with the pediatrician for a few days trying to convince him that something was wrong with the baby and he wasn't taking it serious at all. He kept telling her to "give her cereal." She finally gave up and took the baby to the emergency room where they found the blockage. Needless to say, she is furious. She had been projectile vomiting for 3 days and lost a whole pound. (at 5 weeks)
The exact same thing happened to me when my son was 8 days old only the symptoms were a little different. After a few days of telling the doctor there was something wrong and having them think I was a hysterical mother (after two healthy babies), I ended up camped in the doctors office and told them I wasn't leaving until they admitted him to the hospital. They put him in, did some tests, and all of the sudden, they quarantined his room and everyone that touched him ended up wearing sterile clothing and masks. Turns out he had a roto-virus. He lost 2 pounds of his birth weight in a few days. He was sickly his whole first year. New Moms..... you have to be assertive!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Crazy Week

No knitting. No photos. Why blog? This has been a crazy week. My best friend from high school's dad died over the weekend so it was funeral home on Monday night (after a two hour long HFH board meeting). Last night was a 40th birthday party for our bookkeeper here at work. I think I might forget how to knit.

My mother called me last night and asked me to take her shopping. I don't know how I'm going to fit that in this week. Actually I don't think I am. I need to get my house in order for the kids to come home this weekend (which involves throwing my son out of that room and cleaning the likes of which I don't even want to think about) and I need to prepare some food before I leave for the retreat. There are only so many hours in a day and I spend more than most of them working. I hate to tell my mother we have to wait until next week but I think I'm going to have to.

Today is school all day ... educational classes for another board I'm on. I need this right now like I need a hole in the head. Ugh!