Saturday, March 25, 2006

ZYX Friday- Featuring the letter "Q"

A day late - AGAIN! Anyhoooo.... Q is for quilt. This particular quilt is only the top piece of a quilt. It was never finished. I wish you could see how beautiful it is and how the hand work is so awesome. My grandmother died when I was six years old. She was my father's mother. I really don't remember her. I remember sitting on the back porch with her and my brother once and my brother folded himself up in a lawn chair and couldn't get out. He was probably around 3 at the time. We laughed and laughed. (well, he was laughing too) Anyhow, that's the only real memory I have of her. She was in the middle of making this quilt when she died. My aunt knew how I always admired it and she gave it to me. It really can't be finished. The fabric is too delicate and worn down now. I often think that I must get my love of crafty things from her.