Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday Update

Irish loves Spring Break. I'm sure Cate would rather be in Cancun, but Irish is glad she's home.

I have spent the last hour trying to pull photos of Ireland into this post and I'm finally giving up. I have great photos on our family blog that my daughter took last year but photobucket is saying they are not in the correct format and blogger won't pull them either. I give up. I thought that since it's St. Patrick's Day week, and I am camera-less, I'd just post some photos of Ireland but, sorry, it's not happening.

Speaking of the family blog, I am being interviewed by the local newspaper tomorrow regarding that blog. That should be interesting. I just hope they don't ask me for the blog address because I'm not giving it out. I'm sure my family doesn't want the public viewing our blog. I don't. It's like a family diary of sorts if you think about it. Sometimes I'll give the address to friends so they can see the photos of the babies... but that's about it.

I sewed the first sleeve onto Kepler last night and the one side seam. It looks ok. I'm not crazy about the seam at the braided bands. That could have turned out better but I think it's as good as it's going to get. Tonight I will sew in the second sleeve and then I'll be ready to tackle that I-cord neck edge. I finally "get" the regular i-cord edging. And I think I'm starting to "get" the twisted i-cord edge that Cate (mamacate, not my cate) did. I will play with that and see what happens.

My daughter Kelly told me that I could have her old digital camera. She can't find the software for it but it's a fuji too, so I'm guessing that my software will be compatible. I sure hope so. My son-in-law says I don't need the software to transfer photos, only to edit photos. I never knew that. I am hopeless when it comes to this technology.