Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Obsession...

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Oh. Wow. I can't believe how well my yarn turned out. This is an old photo of the roving and I can't wait to show you the finished product. I gave it a bath and hung it to dry last night and it was dry already this morning. I think it should be close to around 40 yards. Yes, I'm becoming a little obsessed. I tried to spin the blue roving last night and it did not go as well. So that leads me to believe that all roving is different. Is it not? I had problems with it breaking off a lot more than the pink yarn.

In other knitting news I put a few inches on the trekking sock and finally blocked the front of Kepler. I have one sleeve to block yet but it didn't fit on the wet towels and I didn't feel like doubling up on that process. I'll just do it when the front drys. I have to say it's looking too big. Everything I knit to wear is too big. I had the same problem last summer with all those cotton tops I knit. I don't get it. I knit to gauge. I measure. I don't know. Another mystery. But, like I said before. It will fit someone. Ugh.

I will take my camera film tomorrow to be put on CD so I can post some photos. I have to take some photos for work tomorrow so I have to wait. Once I get that back, I'll have a photo extravaganza!!!! Yee haw!


Heather said...

uh oh... sounds like Natasha turned you into a spinner :-)