Saturday, March 25, 2006

How To Knit Socks

I've had several people ask about knitting socks. This book is the answer. I'd definitely start out with adult socks first and then do baby socks. My brain is a little funky. I have to be shown how to do something. Rarely can I just read it and do it. Almost every new knitting skill I learned someone had to show me. Socks are the only exception. I learned socks solely from this book. The directions to knit socks are so well explained and defined in this book that anyone could do it. It spells out every row. Most sock patterns you find assume a lot. These sock patterns assume you know nothing and explain everything. If you want to learn to knit socks.... buy this book.


LisaBe said...

way cool! i want to give that a try, so that's going on my to-buy list (or my to-ask-for list) :)