Monday, March 06, 2006

Durrow Pattern

Wow... check out this guy's Durrow sweater from MagKnits.


When I first saw this pattern on the MagKnits website, I thought that if I could actually SEE it, I'd probably like it. It is featured in black and you really can't see it. But, this, in a light shade is just awesome. I'd knit this for my son if I thought he would:

A. take care of it.
B. would wear it
C. would appreciate it

But the truth is, none of the above would probably happen so I guess that's out. My husband can't stand heavy sweaters so I'd certainly never take the time knowing that he'd never wear it.
Gosh.... who can I knit this for????

In Academy Awards news.... I have to say that I am shallow enough to watch that every year just to look at the dresses. I don't care who wins what because I am not a movie buff. I do go occasionally but I mostly rent DVD's that I know will make me laugh, usually romantic comedies.
I'm not into political films, war movies, documentaries or biographies. I don't care who did or did not deserve to win, I just want to see the dresses!!!! And, last night, what a disappointment. I think all the women got together and said "let's declare this the year of the ugly dress". Ugh.


Jackie Brown said...

Read your blog and realized your are also from pennsylvania, have grown children and saw purl the smallest knitting store I've ever seen. It seemed like it should have been much bigger....what a disappointment.

luvs2knit said...

Holly...I didn't watch. But, I'll take George Clooney any day.