Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday in Railroad Town... not much to report

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The buttonhole trim thing... So... the other side and then the collar and this one is off the books.
THANK GOD! Definitely cute. Definitely a pain. And she's definitely worth it!

You can't believe what I put myself through last night trying NOT to cast on a pair of socks. It must be what needing a drink feels like. I SO wanted to do that. But I knew if I did, this sweater would never get finished.

I have Kepler on again today at work. So far no one has asked me if I knit it. Pretty soon I'm going to put a sign around my neck that says, "HEY... I knit this sweater. Isn't anyone going to tell me how cool it is???" Yep, I'm needy.


LaurieG said...

You have more will power than me! I just can't fight those urges (not knitting ones, at any rate!) Love the sweater!