Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Finally... Socks On The Needles

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This is Opal Petticoat yarn. I'm loving the way it looks but I don't wear pastels so I'm giving these to a co-worker. I made socks for Charlotte last year (or longer ago?) and she just raves about how much she likes them so I think she deserves another pair.

In digital camera news, don't ever, and I mean EVER, buy a Fuji camera. I sent my 8 month old Fuji FinePix camera to the repair place I found on their website (with the receipt and still under warranty) and I got a letter back yesterday stating it will cost me $126.00 to repair it. Very amusing. The explanation was that there is evidence of "shock damage" and that is not covered under warranty. The only shock that occurred here is to my system. That camera was never so much as bumped. One minute it was working and the next it wasn't. I wonder how often they get away with this? I am furious. As realtors, we have to have digital cameras and I'm going to tell every realtor I come in contact with this story. NEVER BUY A FUJI!! And I'll never buy fuji film again as long as I live for my other camera.

Oh, and one more thing. They want me to send them $15.00 to cover shipping and handling to get the camera back. Yeah. That might happen. I think you know what they can do with that camera.


Donna said...

I have a fuji fine pix camera, and I am not lovin it at the moment. It works well except for the fact that the display does not work. Can not see what settings you want or what the pic you took looks like. I dropped mine though. We decided to buy another camera, but wanted one to use the xd cards with and we ended up getting an olympus. We love it. Works very very well. I think one of these days I am gonna take the fuji apart and see if I can fix it myself. Love the socks you are starting. very pretty.

SJ said...

I have a Nikon CoolPix that's several years old, and I've never had a problem with it (other than the fact that the rechargable batteries never last very long, but that's a problem with the batteries, not the camera). Since I got mine, both my father and brother have gotten Nikons and have had very positive experiences with them. Just another name to consider when you're camera shopping.

LisaBe said...

check out consumer reports (www.consumerreports.org). they recommend different cameras for different purposes. i consulted it before i bought mine; i love it.

LaurieG said...

Did you buy the camera on your credit card? If so, you can contest the charge and they'll pull it back. And complain higher, I'd try contesting the "shock damage" claim. Who knows? It might be just a fishing scam to see who will cough up the dough.