Monday, March 13, 2006

Kepler... the continuing saga

Well, leave it to me to come up with a dilemma in the final hour of Kepler. I was searching on Google to find some posts about the I-cord neck edge when I came across this post:

mamacate: Kepler, Esq., and the Wrath of the Knitting Goddess

Is that not just incredibly cool? It's so much better than the way the original pattern is written. To me, it is just a much more professional look. And according to Cate, who was kind enough to answer my email about it, the technique can only be found in a book titled "Latvian Dreams" by Joyce Williams. ($30.00!!!!!!!!!!!)

So here's the dilemma.... I can finish it the original way and wear it on Saturday, or I can be patient and get the book and do the awesome twisted i-cord neck at some point in the future.

DRAT... why did I have to see that???

Oh, by the way, my mom is doing great. :-)