Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Knitting News for Wednesday

I worked on the Opal petticoat sock last night and the hat to match Corie and made good progress on both. I have to say that after just finishing the sock in "Trekking" yarn, and now using the Opal yarn, there is no contest as to which sock yarn feels better. The Opal wins it hands down. It just feels better .... thicker I guess... more substantial. These socks are really growing on me. Will I give them to Charlotte or not? Yeah, probably.

I brought Corie to work with me today so I can stop after work and buy buttons for her. My intention was to go to the LYS for buttons but they are not open on Wednesdays. I guess if I can't find anything cute at JoAnn's I'll stop in there tomorrow. But you know how it is when you just want to get something finished. It's like when you want a haircut. You have to do it NOW.
That has gotten me into trouble at times. Believe me.

In camera news, I did write a letter to fuji telling them how disappointed I am to be treated this way. I got to thinking yesterday that that was my third Fuji digital camera I have purchased. I got my daughter one for graduation a few years ago and I had one before this one. And I have always used Fuji film for my 35mm camera. I have been loyal to that company!! I am sure they are saying it shows signs of shock damage because the casing is scratched up. I keep it in my purse all the time and it rubs up against pens and my calculator, etc. But it was never dropped. Boy this makes me mad!!! I think I purchased it with my VISA debit card. I don't know if that counts as a credit card or not as far as contesting the purchase.

I've been trying to figure out what to do about Maryland Sheep and Wool. Last year a bunch of us went together and this year everyone seems to want to do their own thing. I guess my decision is do I want to go and come back the same day like last year or go and stay and go both days. I enjoyed being there. I think I could walk around and look at that stuff two days in a row. But then the smarter part of my brain is telling me that my daughter, who will be three weeks away from having a baby and having just moved back to town two weeks before, may need me more that weekend than the sheep do. Decisions decisions.


LisaBe said...

when is ms&w?

Yvonne said...

Ya know, Heather/Donna/Cheryl/Jill/Betsy are planning on going...I'm sure you could hook up with them at some point. :)

natasha said...

first, i too am going to sheep and wool and a ton of my crazy spinning pals are going, so you will definitely have your pick of who to hang out with...

next, we have a fuji camera also, but got the extended warranty through best buy, which we always do, and our has broken 3 times in 2 years, maybe more. actually they told us that the next time it breaks for the same problem we get our money back for a different camera under the lemon law. i would totally contact your bank and tell them what happened and see what you can do. that camera cost them a penny to make and you are a customer who will not only never buy another one, but tell everyone you know. OR they could be nice and fix the problem. sorry you are having such a bad time with those arses.