Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Knitting Night

Tonight is our monthly knitting night so I will FINALLY find some time to knit. We start at 6:00pm with an hour of charity knitting and then 7 to 9 is knit whatever you want. Our charity knitting is supposed to consist of chemo caps. I have decided to go against the grain and make baby hats for the hospital nursery. It's more my thing. And, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't wear a chemo cap even if I needed one. I don't like how they look on people. If it were me, I'd rather wear a bandana or one of those wrapped turban deals.... or better yet, an actual wig. Nope, not into chemo caps.

I finally took my mother shopping last night so I never got the other pieces of Kepler blocked. That poor thing has been in limbo forever. There is an end in sight, it's just pretty far out there on the horizon.

The lack of a digital camera is driving me crazy. The problem is, with this big honking baby shower coming up I can't just run out and buy a new one right now and I don't want another cheap one. Been there, done that, not doing it again. I've been taking regular photos of my stuff but scanning them AFTER getting them developed is also a pain. My scanner has some major quirks, the likes of which I have not figured out yet. It's a printer/scanner/copier thingy that requires a degree from MIT to use it. And while we're bashing technological devices, the number two on my cell phone has a huge hole in it and that is also driving me crazy just knowing that it's there. I guess my finger nail wore a hole in it. I dont' know. Do I use the number two more than the others? Do I have something against it that I push on it harder? It's a mystery. And I can't afford a new cell phone either! Crap!