Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Really! I did it. Well, OK, I did it badly but I did it! I can't get it consistent but I'm sure that takes practice. Thank you Natasha for my drop spindle and roving! I did all of the pink roving this evening. Man! I wish I could post photos! My knitting night friend Shelly showed me how to do it. She makes some awesome yarns that you can see here: Rose Garden Fibers

The only thing I really don't understand is that it is wound so tight that when I try to knit with it, isn't it going to, like, unwind or something? I just feel like when I take it off the spindle it's going to all un-twist. I don't get how that works.



natasha said...

soooo exciting! you could scan your yarn if you have a scanner? ok..here is what you do...it should be in the spinning book, also...it is called setting the twist, and it is what keeps it from untwisting. you unwind the yarn into a skein, if you have a winder, you can do that, if not, you can use the back of a chair. tie the ends together, tie some yarn or something tightly around 3 other spots to keep it neat, dunk it in water until wet, squeeze the water out and then hang it up and weight the bottom of it with a spray bottle until it dries. and it will be fine. i am so glad you enjoyed it! if you need any fiber, let me know.