Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stolen MeMe

1. I need: More Clients
2. Sex: female (that's what that meant, right?)
3. Relationships: Most are fragile
4. Your Last Ex: The one before my husband was a good guy as well. I hope he's happy.
5. Power: Knowledge
6. Marijuana: know someone who grew it in high school in his parents living room- they didn't know what it was.
7. Crack: why would you ever try it in the first place?
8. Food: yes, please
9. The President: dresses well
10. Drama: junior high school
11. Cars: I need a new one
12. Gas Prices: Total insanity
13. Halloween: My favorite holiday after Christmas
14. Politics: Every facet of life is ruled by politics
15. Religion: Is not hereditary contrary to popular belief
17. MySpace: welcome to
18. Worst Fear: something happening to my kids
19. Marriage: Good days and bad days
20. Fashion: All it takes is money
21. Brunettes: love that chestnut color
22. Redheads: wanted one of my children to be a redhead... didn't happen
22. Blondes: Was a serious blonde as a child... got darker over time
23: Work: Most days I love it. Some days the stress is unbelievable
24: Pass the time: Knit
24: Football: Not a big fan... but I like it when the Steelers are winning because it makes my family happy.
25. One night stands: I have never understood how anyone could do that. It's not in my makeup.
26: Pet Peeve: People getting into an empty church pew and sitting on the end instead of going to the middle.
27: Pixie Stix: Love those things. I can't help it.
28: Vanilla Ice: Only if the world runs out of ice cream
29: Porta Potties: YUCK
30: High school: I wasn't a fan of that either.
31. Ice cream: Coffee flavored and keep it coming
32. Pajamas: The heavier, the better
33. Wood: cherry furniture
34. Surfers: does the word shark mean anything to you?
35. Pictures: The first thing I would try to grab if my house caught on fire


Yvonne said...

Holly, my all-coffee all-the-time friend...I found the perfect snack for you. Yes, really, honest and for true. COFFEE FLAVORED RICE KRISPIE TREATS. Yes, you read correctly. Check your email. ;0)

luvs2knit said...

Thanks for sharing your me me.