Friday, March 24, 2006

Holy Addiction!

I never knit in the morning before work. Never. But this moring when I walked past the little intarsia sweater it just looked like it really needed that trim picked up and put on the left front so I had to do it. I ended up going to work without my makeup on because I didn't have time. This is when you know you have a problem. It's time to report to Knitters Anonymous. And if there isn't such an organization, there should be.

The felting night at the LYS was fun last night. I expected to see the same people as our monthly knitting guild and not one of those people was there. All new faces for me. Nice people. And dinner was provided as well! It can't get much better than that. So here is what I started and finished. It will be a little accessory bag when it's felted. She also had a pattern for a larger make-up bag done on larger needles. I'll have to be making a few of these. Quick and easy and great little gifts.

But now for the greatest news! I've been pampered! Really pampered! Check. It. Out.
Goodies from the Body Shop. The hand lotion smells so good it's unbelieveable. And the pedicure set is exactly what these feet need after a long cold winter! Bring on the sandals!
Thank you so much Lisa! I just love these sets. And thanks to Yvonne for setting it up.

Tonight we will go to Barnes and Noble in State College again. Naturally I'll be looking for a knitting book to add to my collection. I'd like to find that one Cate told me about with the instruction for the twisted I-cord. I forget the name of it right now but it will come to me.

Oh, and my knitting this morning cost me my breakfast too. I'M STARVING!!!


Yvonne said...

YAY! OMG That is THE BEST gift!! How awesome!! I'm so glad you're back to having a digital camera. You're welcome for setting up the Pampered Pals. I think it's just so cool to be pampered!! :)

(Ahem) is Friday...letter Q...did you drop out of your own Friday-Along??? Heehee.

kojak said...
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LisaBe said...

oh, i'm so glad you liked your goodies! :) i've been checking your blog to make sure you got it. how did you know it was me? must have had a packing slip saying so or something, huh? anyway, i'm glad it got there okay. i figure every knitter (especially in these parts) must have dry hands like mine, and who doesn't love a good pedicure? :) have fun!