Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ah Yes...

Working with the public. Don't cha love it? Well, today, not so much. But we won't go there. Just trust me. It isn't pretty.

I'm tired of all my projects and I want to start a new one. But I won't. I must finish something. I still haven't even picked up Meghan's sweater since I went for help. I just know it will frustrate me all over again. But if I don't pick it up soon, I'll really forget what I'm supposed to TRY to do and I'll be back to square one with that.

I'm loving the new sock yarn I bought (post below). It's so soft. I'll definitely buy more of that. They are coming out with one that has the Neapolitan Ice Cream colors. That should be fun. Nothing like ice cream socks.

I didn't get to see Idol last night but I read about it online this morning. I did see it the night before. I didn't like the fact that they all had to sing Diana Ross songs. They just weren't right for so many of them. But I guess when you're a professional entertainer, you should to be able to do it all. Here's what I don't understand though. The judges have a habit of telling the contestants.. "That was just so average. You didn't take the song and make it yours." Then, when they do sing a song their way, they get criticized and told that they didn't need to rearrange the song, that the original arrangement of the song should be left alone. That's a bit of a contradiction. They either can or they can't, should or they shouldn't. Which is it? Seems like a "damned if you do and damned if you don't " sort of situation to me.

Well, back to the world of real estate. And, today, it's a crazy world. I wish you could get paid to knit.