Friday, March 09, 2007

Finally! Socks!

It took a while but these are finally complete just in time for my mother's birthday. They sort of match. It's close anyhow. She has been admiring them as I knit them not knowing they were for her. I think the doctors are springing her from the hospital later this afternoon so I guess the surprise 80th birthday bash is back on. Phew!

This pile of interesting looking stuff is shea butter. Wow did I ever get a great deal on this. I found a "butter buy" on one of the soap lists and took advantage of it. That is where someone puts it out there to the members of the list to order, then she takes it upon herself to collect your money, buy in major bulk, then separates the orders out, and mails it to you when it arrives at her house. If you're buying 100 lbs. of it or more, imagine how much less expensive it is. I was lucky to get in on this one. This is a wonderful additive to my soaps. And at a fraction of the normal price. I'm going to try to make soap on Sunday, if all goes as planned with my life.
But these days, you just don't know.