Monday, January 29, 2007


I worked a little on the lace shawl. Very little actually. I put about 5 rows on it last night. I wanted to pick it back up again so I wouldn't forget what I was doing. It all came back to me. Knitting straight lace is not quite so challenging as this:

I have to say that decreasing in the middle of a lace pattern when the instructions are vague and wishy washy is not easy. I did get help at the LYS and got lost again almost immediately after I got home. In my next life, I want my brain to work.

Here's my new soap.

I made this last night. It smells like watermelon. Turned out great. I get to cut it tonight.
It doesnt' take much to excite me.


Yvonne said...

oooo YUM! I'm going to be so addicted.

stitchinaddiction said...

Actually it doesn't take much to excite me either, lol, because I think the soap looks absolutely fantastic!!!!

Donna said...

to bad I don't have smellavision, cause that soap looks like it smells wonderful.

minijaxter said...

looks yummy
almost good enough to eat:)