Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Knitting Friends

I was going to show you a 2007 knitting calendar that a friend got for me, but Blogger won't let me.

Truth is, I've been ignoring the invitations to upgrade to the new Blogger. Every time I log in it tells me that the new version is available and it has more features, better performance, less quirks, etc. Due to my fear of the unknown, and my lack of computer knowledge, I thought it best to just ignore it. Stick with what I know. Stay the course. Follow the safe path. But today, for some unknown reason, in a moment of "out of character" feeling of adventure, I clicked on the "upgrade now" button. There was no turning back. I guess I could have just x'd out of it before it went too far but I just sat here and watched it do it's thing. Before long I got a message of congratulations. My upgrade was complete.

The first thing that happened was that everything froze up. I had to get out and come back in. The second thing that happened was that when I tried to upload a photo I got an error message that said it could not find the server. (And that is still happening after about 10 tries)

I need to learn to go with my gut. I wasn't cut out for adventure. Maybe this would be a good time to just say goodbye to blogger and start over with a whole new blogging host or whatever you call these things.

Good grief. Who am I kidding?


Cheryl said...

OH!! It doesn't look that difficult in the book, but it does say in the teeny print "you will be determining your own size" --I guess that is what the math is all about. If math is involved I would be DOOMED. I like the one on the back cover.