Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lots of Knitting!

So much for knitting less. I couldn't get enough over the holidays. I started these on Saturday and finished them on Sunday. Very quick knit from Knitty.com.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I did a whole post one time about how stupid I thought fingerless gloves were. Truth is, I still don't get the concept, but I'll keep these near the computer and when and if we ever do get serious winter, and our barn of a house once again becomes an icebox, I guess I'll be glad I have them.
Knitty: Summer 2006

Only modification.... no picot bind off. Not only could I not understand the instructions, I just didn't like it anyway.
What I learned: I don't like doing cables on DP's. So any thought of doing the "Child's First Sock" pattern from the "Knitting Vintage Socks" book has been pretty much killed since that's all they are. I think that learning how to do cables without a cable needle is definitely in order for socks.

Below is the scarf made with Shelley's handspun and hand dyed yarn. I forget the name of the pattern but it's from Interweave Knit's ScarfStyle book. It will come to me eventually... Something garden... something something... brain cells are obviously dying.


Yvonne said...

MUST do magic loop if you are going to cable the socks...I did one of the Fetching cuffs with a DPN and then the second one I magic looped...SO much easier! You could do 2 circs, also, if that's more your style. I did the picot bind off (not a particular fan of it). I am going to make another pair, and make them longer...mine are a bit short on me. I'm going to change the cable, too, maybe...make a whole new pattern! :)