Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Year - in knitting

I have kept a written record of my FO's this year. Looking back on it, I now know why my house looks the way it does. In 2007 I resolve to knit only projects that test my ability and that I will learn from (with the exception of socks, which will always and forever be on my needles).

Finished 2006 items:

Brown Cashmere Socks
Valentine's Day Socks
Steeler Scarf
Large cable purse for Erin's friend
Wool Clapotis
Corie's intarsia sweater
2 prs of baby socks for Giorgio
2 prs of baby socks for Colin
Kepler Sweater
Charlotte's socks
2 baby hats for charity
Trekking multi color socks
Colin's hospital hat
Hand spun neck warmer
Emu Socks
Erin Bag for Kelly - navy
Koigu socks
Erin Bag for Erin - navy
Lady Eleanor entrelac shawl
Koigu baby socks
STR socks for me
Christina's Erin Bag
Meghan's mini Erin Bag
STR baby socks for secretary's baby
Multi color baby sweater for cousin's baby
Cascade 220 felted make-up bag
Colin's Highland socks
sister's birthday scarf
Boss's hunting socks
Colin's brown sweater
Colin's hat to match above
Kelly's STR socks
Trellis Wrap
Vanessa's skinny scarf
Vanessa's Erin bag
Michael's socks

I think that's it.

Scarf from Shelley's Yarn (finished the day after Christmas)
Fingerless Mitts. (on New Year's Eve!)

New Techniques Learned: (and I'm proud of this....)

3 needle bind-off
Hand spinning yarn with a drop spindle
Mattress Stitch finishing

In 2007 I resolve to do more with lace and intricate cables. I will knit less easy and more difficult. Hopefully I will knit less altogether and try to complete some home fix-up projects. But at the end of a long day, isn't it just easier to get out the knitting and not the paint brushes and drop cloths?


minijaxter said...

you sure were busy this year.

thats a lot of FO's.

anyway I hope you had a merry christmas and have a great new year!

shell said...

WOW- I am in awe Holly!
I should keep track of what I do this year, just look at the legacy you have completed!
Keep up the great work! - And definatly keep up with Lace!!