Friday, December 01, 2006

Still knitting....

Michael's socks. These things are speedy. I love using worsted weight and big needles. And the warm factor is the best part. They look a little boring, I know, but he likes things plain and simple.

Things are slowing down for me. Thank goodness. It's feast or famine in this business and while feast is good, it's also extremely stressful. So I'm back to breathing and knitting again. I will hopefully be catching up on all the knitting blogs I haven't had time to visit lately and see what everyone's been up to.

Just got my mom out of the hospital again. She was there for 4 days this time. Pneumonia. She seems much better. My Dad is visiting his oncologist in Pittsburgh today. My mom jokes about what a team they are lately. At least they are keeping their sense of humor.