Thursday, December 21, 2006

Colin's Hat

Well, I hate Blogger. It's official. I use Blogger for this knitting blog and for my family blog. This morning, I posted a photo on my family blog.. no problem. Now, on this site, it's telling me that I must create a google account to post a photo, even though I have chosen NOT to switch to the new blogger. Why is it letting me do what I want on one site and not the other? So, ok, I go ahead and create a google account, with log on and password, and it still won't work. I can't post a photo on here. I think it's time I look for another blog host. And with my limited computer skills, this is just one big pain in the neck!

And, I gotta tell ya, that hat is CUTE!!!


Anonymous said...

Holly, you have been tagged. Please go to my blog to read more The baby is adorable.