Friday, January 26, 2007

Ready For The Woods....

Today, for no apparent reason, the New Blogger added this photo and I didn't have to use Photobucket. I did absolutely nothing differently this time than I've been doing for the past two weeks. I don't understand the finickiness of the whole thing. But anyhow, looking at the Koigu sock I do wonder why a chose a "camouflage" yarn. It's not like I hunt turkey or anything. These colors did not say camo to me until I knit it up. Funny.
This weekend is nothing but work. I don't think I'll have much knitting time although I would like to find some time to stop at the LYS for some help with Meghan's sweater. Hopefully I can squeeze that in. I'd also like to make another batch of soap. I don't know. That's really wishful thinking at this point. I found some Lemon Verbena frangrance oil that still seems ok from a few years ago and that was always my second favorite (next to lavender).
My son commented last night that he loved my fingerless mitts. I think that was a hint. I guess I'll be looking for a pattern for him. I think mine are a little girly. I'm open to suggestions.


shell said...

You are really doing great on your knitting! I hope to keep track of what I knit this year to see how much it is. Keep up the great work!