Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Meghan's Sweater

I've decided to do this:

From this:

I worked on this for 5 hours yesterday. Yes, five hours. I had two repeats finished and had to rip. I was a stitch short and couldn't find it. It was obviously a forgotten yarn-over. I think I can save it from here although I did not have a life line in it. Lesson learned. There WILL be life lines from now on. The whole body of the sweater is done at one time so it was a lot of knitting lost. There was no pink worsted weight at the big yarn sale and my LYS yesterday so Shelley said she will dye it for me when it's finished. I'd like to have it done by Easter for my grand niece, Meghan.


Anonymous said...

The sweater will be darling! Love the scarf.

shell said...

WOW! I was looking at the scarve under the start of your sweater- and didn't recognize that yarn in it at first- you made it a work of art!
Oh I can't wait to get the chance to dye that up-- it will be beautiful!