Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Stuff

I've been trying to post all week but the "new and improved" Blogger would not allow me to post photos so I figured what's the sense? Today must be a good day in new blogger land. It has decided to cooperate.

The new edition of Creative Knitting. Best not to go here... nuff said. (Although, for a laugh, you really should see the photo of the guy with the camera in the knitted vest. Whomever was responsible for that needs to re-evaluate her thought process)

Progress on the koigu socks. Slow going for some reason. I love the colors. And I love the feel of these. I also have the body of Meghan's sweater completed. I will begin decreasing for the sleeves this evening. I've decided instead of having Shelly dye it pink, I'm going to photograph it in it's natural color and have Miss Meghan decide what color she wants it. It only makes sense. I'm not sure but I think she is kind of a purple-y little girl.

Here is the new soap mold I just got in the mail. They sent it LINED! How cool is that? That process is always a pain in the butt and they did it for me. (for the first batch at least) So I think I'm ready to go now. I got the oils in the mail yesterday. I bought the lye and the distilled water. Now if I can just remember how to do this! I'll have to really read up again before I start. (by the way, the chibi has nothing to do with it, I just sat the box down beside my knitting stuff) I'm excited to get started again. Hopefully I can do this tomorrow some time. I'm thinking Honey Oatmeal for the first batch scented with vanilla. This will be for Kelly. It was always her favorite. Next up will be Lavender... for moi!


Carol said...

WooHoo, Holly. Making soap is just like riding a bike. You never really forget. Have fun and let us know how it turns out!

Yvonne said...

didja make the soap???