Saturday, January 06, 2007

Vogue Knitting - Winter

I SO, SO, SO wish I had taken the time to look through that magazine before I shelled out the $7.00 for it. (but I had Colin with me. He was in the shopping cart and I was hurrying)

All I can say is, what were they thinking??


shell said...

I totally agree- but was thinking- if they would have finished the front cover sweater--that is - brought the ribbing down the front to the waist - I might be inclined to do it.
I do like the rose designs on some of the sweaters though...hope next issue is better.

Anonymous said...

I have decided not to buy Vogue Knitting again due to the fact they think an XL is a 38" bust. I am not a moose, but I do eat and I do have boobs!

Anonymous said...

I've only ever bought one issue of VK, and it was for a sock pattern. I certainly admire their patterns, but I always think they've gone just a tad too far when it comes to designs that regular knitters will actually wear.