Friday, February 02, 2007

New Beginnings

Our office celebrated the grand opening of our new Howard Hanna franchise (although they prefer to call them "branchises") on Wednesday night. We had a big bash. I sent myself flowers for my desk. (seriously, I did) In keeping with the green and gold theme, this is what they came up with. I like the Bells of Ireland. I guess some people think they're weird. But I liked it.

We gave each guest a piggy bank. They're cute. They arrived the day before the party. I was really sweating that one out. I was picturing myself delivering 300 of these after the fact. That was close!

So, hey, Pittsburghers... if you want to sell, let me know and I'll hook you up with a good agent!

My dad is about the same. I'm still staying with my mother although my sister is going to go tonight and I'll have one night in my own bed which is nice. Cate is coming home. There will be knitting. I'm almost finished with the koigu socks for MOI. I'm still stuck on Meghan's sweater. Today is her 4th birthday, by the way. So happy birthday Meghan! Oddly enough, today is also the birthday of my other niece's sixth child, Shane. He is one today. Ground Hog Day babies both.

Happy weekend. Knit on.


shell said...

Huggs Holly, I love the Irish Bells. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight.

minijaxter said...

i love the piggy bank...