Monday, May 14, 2007

Lots of Stuff

First... the graduate... Congratulations Cate!

Way to go. We knew you could do it.

On to knitting...
I've been asked to knit a prayer "scarf" since the recipient probably wouldn't wear a shawl... being a bishop and all.

I was given the yarn to do it. Lion Brand Homespun.

I've seen cute patterns calling for this yarn and I've always wondered about it. Now I know. Ugh. The ply separates and bunches up as you're knitting. You can actually see it in this photo. Look at the yarn on the end of the needle. This yarn has been around for a long time in a million colors so obviously someone likes it. What do I know? Actually, when it's finished it will probably look ok and it will be soft. Other than the fact that I will sincerely pray for the gentleman who will be receiving this scarf, that's all I have to say.

I started my first pair of socks two at a time on two sets of DP's. It will be great to have them finished almost at the same time. Thanks for the ladies in my knitting group for the suggestion. This is something that I could have never come up with on my own. (sad, but true)
And today is my 30th wedding anniversary. I was totally surprised when I got home from work yesterday to find a gorgeous oil painting of a field of sunflowers for our new "grandchildren" nursery. :-)


SJ said...

Happy anniversary, and congratulations to Cate!

minijaxter said...

Happy Anniversary!
Congratulations to the new graduate.

And I like homespun the trick is to use big enough needles (nothing smaller then 11's and dont hold the yarn too tight -thats why it bunches like that.
once you finish block it and it will look ok. i like homespun for blankets the only problem i have with it is it "squeaks" its weird. I dont use it too much anymore but I have made a few car seat blankets and a shawl out of it.

LaurieG said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Yvonne said...

Happy Anniversary!! So happy that Catie graduated!!