Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Updating progress...

I really haven't had a chance to work on this as much as I'd like, but it is growing, and I am still enjoying the process. I've decided not to block this one out as far as I blocked the last one. I'd like to retain some of the raised texture in the piece.

And check this out:
My first sewing project in about 15 years. This IS part of a Halloween costume for Mr. C. although it probably doesn't look like it. I was rather proud of myself for remembering how to do this after all this time. Sure, it could be better, but it's great for me! It was SO much fun to sew again. I can't believe I got away from it for so long. I can see some cute summer dresses in my future.
I'll be in Pittsburgh for the next few days at meetings. Maybe I'll get in some "hotel knitting".
We'll see.


LaurieG said...

If you're staying downtown, try to get to Ewe Can Knit -- it's right on Wood Street.

Shell said...

Hope you get some knitting time. That top looks good - I have not sewn for a few years - may have to start back on that soon.

Anonymous said...

YOU'RE IN PITTSBURGH??! You should call me...we can meet for dinner!!! Or Knitting! Or a combination!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eleanor is looking lovely!

Good on you for sewing. I haven't sewn garments for years. I'm almost afraid to get started. You did a great job!

If you're ever in downtown Pittsburgh and want to get a coffee, let me know. I work in town.