Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer Hiatus

It's time to take a break from blogging.

I'm not knitting. I'm not really even sewing anymore.

I've been putting off a lot of home improvement projects that I can do myself because I just wanted to sit and knit. It wasn't good. Now I'm not feeling the knitting so it's time to paint and clean out the attic and basement and light a fire under my husband to do the things he should be doing.

I'll be gone a while.

But I won't be gone for good.

Have a glorious summer. Look for me in September. I'll be back.

I'll leave you with some cute photos.
This is what it's all about.
Baby Clare - One week old today.

Mr. C. loves her. He really does. He has been a wonderful big brother so far.


Shell said...

Oh my is she very cute. Its okay to take a break, just remember to pop into the knitting group (a week from tomorrow) and say hi.