Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I stopped at Wendy's at lunch time for one of their new flavor dipped chicken sandwiches ...shown here:

It's waaaay better than fast food.™ It's Wendy's.® -

I got the buffalo chicken type. Looks good, huh? It was.

But I have to tell you this. Do NOT get one of these if you can't

A. sit it down on a huge sheet of that paper like the kind that you roll out from a huge roll for picnic tables. It's the only way that it can be cleaned up adequately.

B. wash your hands and face with soap and running water and reapply your makeup.

C. power wash the immediate area after you're finished.

It was the messiest sandwich I ever ate. Ever.

But put on your hazmat suit and I think you've got something here.