Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday Knitting

Jade Sapphire 100% Cashmere scarf
I would love to have made this a little longer.
But I have more money in it than I should to begin with!

I came up with this stitch on my own for this scarf. Not that it is anything
out of the ordinary. If I had it to over again, I wouldn't have made it so wide and
I would have used bigger needles. It's a 100% merino DK on size 5's. It's a little stiff.
Look below how the front and back differs.
The back is pretty cool.

Below is Colin's sweater.. all finished but the neck.
I'm not sure why Blogger decided to upload this photo
on it's side. ???
The yarn doesn't look very attractive in this photo, but
actually, it is a very pretty green with colorful specks.

So, at this point I still have two pairs of socks and another scarf to complete.
Every year I swear I'm not going to stress myself out like this, and every year
I do it all over again!