Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What to say....

I'm not sure how to keep a knitting blog interesting when all the projects you are in the middle of are a secret. When you just know the recipient of a gift that you are making visits the blog on occasion, you're not going to plaster photos of your progress all over the place for them to see.

I will just say that lace is continuing to kick my butt. SOOOOO frustrating. I wish I had a dollar for everytime I come to the end of a row and do not have the appropriate number of stitches. I'd have enough money to pay people to knit lace for me.
The link below is the blog of one of the yarn shops in Charlottesville, VA that I visit on occasion. Check out the felted flowers. So cool.

On the family front, Clare is turning into a little monkey. She loves to climb onto and jump off of the furniture.... and she isn't even walking yet so it's a little scary. Hard to believe she'll be one in May. Gratuitous grandchildren photo to follow. (of course)