Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Swing Coat Finished!!

This turned out so much better than expected. The crochet trim made all the difference. I really didn't like it much before I added that.
And I'll tell you the truth. I wanted an applied i-cord edging on it.
Hard as I tried, I couldn't get it. I think if I would have used larger needles to bind off, I might have been able to do it. I just couldn't pick up the stitches around the bottom. They were way too tight.
I have used this yarn before but only to make small items. I love the fabric it makes.
The piece is much heavier than I expected it to be, and it really does feel like a "coat".
It's going to be perfect for chilly evenings and early Fall.
I just pray she'll wear it. She'll be two next month. My daughter asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she replied, "Pink things."
Oh well.