Friday, December 31, 2004

Learning to Knit

Ok.. I'm talking to myself here I fear. I guess that's ok. I tried to teach my grown daughter to knit a few months ago. The session ended with her telling me to just forget it. She was way too frustrated with it. I never realized how difficult it is for people to learn to hold the needles. Forget the yarn... it's holding the needles that seems to be the problem. It makes me sad that I can't pass down this hobby to my daughters. It is the one thing that I will be forever grateful to my own mother for teaching me. I've gotten so much pleasure from it for so many years. My daughter is a high school teacher. She says that knitting is all the rage now with the teenagers. She watches them knit when they have free time and I think she really WANTS to learn but she has minimal patience. So, if any of you millions of readers who read my blog on a daily basis has any suggestions regarding teaching people to knit, let me know. Hey.. I'll check back tomorrow and try to find the time to read all the comments. Ha Ha.