Monday, December 27, 2004


Wow... I'm really new at this so I hope everyone will bare with me! I am mesmerized by all the interesting and informative knitting blogs out there and I decided it was time for me start my own. I've mostly been addicted to sock knitting but I think I am slowly getting that out of my system. I recently finished a 10 year project (yes, 10 years of off and on knitting) for my dear mother... an Irish Aran afgan. As soon as I get this whole blog thing figured out I'll be back with some info on me, hopefully some photos, and more on my knitting projects. Happy Knitting!


Lynn said...
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Holly said...

Holy heck! I return to my newly created blog to find a comment.. already! And being such a rookie I click on this little icon.. wondering what it is and what it does... and I delete the one and only comment I got and may ever get :-( Sorry Lynn Carrier... I didn't do it on purpose...honest!!