Friday, October 27, 2006

Finally! A sock!

I've been working on this sock forever. It's the Socks That Rock medium weight in the County Clare colorway. It's knit with two balls to prevent pooling which didn't happen. It still pooled. And I hated working with two balls of yarn so it's going to kill me to cast on for the second sock. Such is life.

We have Colin this weekend. My husband took the day off to watch him today and I'm sure he's counting the minutes until I get home from work. Babysitting is tiring work at this age!

Oh, the little orange poncho from Ladie's Home Journal.... It was from Gymboree. The nice people at LHJ did answer my email about it. So, no pattern. :-(

Happy Halloween everyone... from me and the Caterpillar.

Blogger is totally whacked out today. It won't print the font correctly no matter what I do. Makes me crazy.


Anonymous said...

i love the caterpillar!
we dressed my daughter up last year as a psychadelic walrus.

she was cute and not walking yet so the tail thing wasnt problem.

this year she is going to be a princess.
the sock looks good.

LaurieG said...

Like the sock, and totally relate to the pain in the butt of knitting with two skeins.

You could so make the poncho. Go to Gymboree and get some close ups and measurements -- it's two pieces seamed at the sides. You just increase/decrease to get the diagonal going (you did it with Clapotis). Just pick up and knit the ribbing/neckband in the round. The hat's just a simple hat with cables...

SJ said...

For what it's worth, I actually like the way the sock pooled -- if you ask me, there's pretty pooling and there's ugly pooling, and this is definitely an example of the former. But I understand the PITA factor involved with using two balls at once.