Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lacey Setback

Lifelines really are great. I had to rip back to the lifeline and I was so thankful I put one in. The only thing is, it's difficult to pick those stitches back up off of the lifeline. First of all, the dental floss is the perfect thing but I had trouble seeing the yarn on the floss. I think they do make green dental floss and I'll have to get some. Secondly, the yarn is so fine that it's just difficult to pick it up from the floss. Hopefully I won't have to do it too often.

Yesterday was the Bedford Fall Foliage Festival. Shelley was selling her yarn and of course I had to take advantage of that situation. I'll make another Misty Garden scarf with this. (yeah, I really needed to start another project) I love green! Check out Shelley's yarns.
Rose Garden Fibers

I have two open houses today so plenty of time to knit. My only decision will be what to work on. Lace? Either of the two pairs of socks? Scarf? Colin's hat? There was a time not long ago I was down to one project. And I vowed not to do this again. Oh well. Good thing my commitment issues only apply to knitting.