Wednesday, August 08, 2007

C'mon n' Vogue

It's out. I wait for this. I'm always fascinated by this magazine. If someone said to me... There will only ever be one knitting magazine printed again and you can choose which one, this would be it. The patterns are incredible. The modeling and photography are awesome. I think what sets it apart is the presentation. It's what you would expect from Vogue.

Now, having said all this, here's the thing.... If it was the only knitting magazine ever printed again, I'd be up the creek. I KNIT from other magazines. I utilize them. I wear them out. I've never knit anything from a Vogue Knitting magazine in my life. But I keep a pile of them a mile high. I throw other magazines out after time. I keep these.

I'll never figure it out. When I analyse it, I think that these patterns are patterns I aspire to someday when I get good. (and, really, they aren't that hard!) Do they just seem intimidating because some super fashion model with weird lipstick and eye make-up has them on? Do I attempt even more difficult patterns from Interweave Knits because the people wearing them look like they might have walked out of the house next door?

Interesting. Huh?

Oh, by the way, there is a really neat Debbie Bliss cabled jacket in this issue and the pattern can be downloaded free at www.vogueknitting .com. (I don't know if I'd use the DB cashmerino aran yarn it calls for though... from the looks of things, the sleeves in the photo are already looking a tad fuzzy)


Yvonne said...

I'm not quite as obsessed as you with the VK, but I do like to look at their stuff. You could do that Michael Kors(?) sweater that was on the cover a couple of issues back. I was impressed with the amount of information in this issue. :)

minijaxter said...

i love vogue knitting as well. and i think the reason i never knit anything from it is because it doesnt seem like anything people would wear. its very fashionista.
i guess i shouldnt say that- i have made some things from vogue knitting but not a lot.