Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fall Knitting and Yukky Weather

It would have been nice if the rain could have been spread out a little at a time over the summer instead of coming all at once. There is flooding everywhere here. And it is cold. And when it gets cold, all I can think about is winter knitting. This didn't help:

I think this is a great issue. There are several things in here I would knit. (If I had time)
This is one of them:

I think I have enough of the yarn from Ireland left over to do this sweater. I'm going to have to measure it out. This would be great with jeans.

There was another cable V-neck sweater I liked in this issue but it is too similar to something you buy at T.J. Maxx to take the time to knit it. I have a rule about knitting sweaters. If the pattern is something you could buy very easily, then why bother knitting it? Case in point:

Very cute. Very "me". But I could walk into any store and buy a very similar sweater. The sweater above is unusual and unique. I couldn't find that anywhere so might as well knit it.

There is another very unique cardigan in this issue that I'd knit. It has a tangled cable yoke. Cute cute cute.

The beach was great. I want to go back.


shell said...

So very glad to see you are back - I agree with the weather - it could have spread it out a bit.
That issue has some great things in it!
So what did you take to the beach? Did you get any knitting done?