Monday, November 26, 2007

Knitting Kleptomania

I didn't realize it, but I'm a knitting kleptomaniac. I stole this project from my daughter.

Truth be known, I think she is somewhat happy and relieved that I ran off with it. But there was no way to know that when I did it. It was agreed that I would simply connect the round on a circular needle without twisting and give it back to her. This yarn is impossible to read. There's no way to know whether it's twisted or not. So I did the best I could and just connected and started knitting and praying. Things seemed to be going well. So I kept going. And going. Next thing I knew it was almost finished. So, yeah, basically I stole my daughter's knitting. Like I needed another project!

I decided to block Lady Eleanor after all.

The knitting "purist" in me just couldn't let it go unblocked. I hope I don't live to regret this decision. I have lots of yarn left over. I see a felted purse in my future. I can't wait to wear this thing. I'm going to work on the fringe tonight.
And, lastly, a pair of toddler socks. (sans kitchener) These are not for Mr. C. but for another cute little buddy of mine I'll see on Saturday in NYC. I hope they fit him. They are worsted weight so they may be more "house" socks than shoe socks.


shell said...

LOL - Knitting Klepto!! I love that. looks like the time to knit is coming back around. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!