Thursday, December 06, 2007

Musings on the new Winter Knitty

So far today, I've managed to lose my gloves, spill coffee in my keyboard (no ill effects so far thank God), and take a chunk of skin off the knuckle on my right pinky finger. Things can only get better. Right?

I'm really impressed with the new Knitty. (Winter There are patterns on there that I will definitely add to my "someday" list. Some of my thoughts are as follows:

Ice Queen - I love the look of this as a scarf. I'd never wear it on my head. I might try this someday. I'm not a great lace knitter. (I'm not really even a mediocre lace knitter come to think of it)

Quant - How could I not make one of these to match Lady Eleanor with my leftover yarn? It's adorable.

3 Tams - These are really cute. I'd never take the time though. I don't like Fair Isle knitting.

Tudora - I really love this. What a great quick gift for someone. Super for leftover yarn.

Halcyon - I like a lace scarf. And this pattern is pretty. I just don't get the ribbon thing. I wouldn't mess up a pretty scarf with ribbon like that.

Justify - This one I will put on my "to do" list. I want to make this. For sure. It's different and interesting.

Dahlia - For some reason, this sweater reminds me of my son's former girlfriend. She would look adorable in this. If she was still around, I'd make this for her. I have to say that the sweater doesn't fit the girl in the photo very well, but it's pretty darn good for a ninth grade designer. You go girl.

Aoife - She had me until the sleeves. I'm not a fan of bell sleeves.... and these are belly. I'd lengthen the sleeve and end with the braid.

Abotanicity - How cute would this be on someone with a baby bump? It looks like an adorable maternity sweater. I don't think I'd wear it unless I was pregnant. (and we can safely say that ain't gonna happen)

Stardust - Very cute. Perfect for that dressy occasion.

Laughing Carrots - This is so cute. And it looks so warm. What a perfect Fall and Early Spring Jacket-type sweater for kids. My only problem with this is (and I'm sure it's just me being weird) that I don't like it for a boy. I'd love to see it in pink or light blue on a girl. There is something about that design that looks a little girly to me. Actually, I think I've just lived with my husband too long. That sounds like something he would say.

Fair Isle Rapids - This is the kind of scarf you want someone to make you. It's awesome. But I'd never take the time to knit it. Check out his other stuff on his blog. He's good. Real good.

Jeanie - I LOVE this. I'm all about wraps these days. I'll make this.

The other patterns: If I havent' mentioned it, it's because I don't like to knit patterned socks (I'll take my sock patterns totally mindless please), I don't get knitting for pets when you can knit for humans, I'm not into knitting toys, I'm extremely picky about purse patterns, and glove and mitten knitting is cool but I'd rather do socks. They are all nice patterns though.

All in all, a really good issue of Knitty. Check it out.

In other news...

This is the new, heated floor mat that I bought for my office. It is AWESOME. After finally realizing that what I go through with my feet every winter might not be normal, I've come to the conclusion that I have Raynaud's Disease. And this little bugger has made all the difference. Since my doctor has just completely fluffed off every conversation I've ever tried to have with her about how cold, numb, and painful my feet get in the winter, I decided to google it and got my answers online. My symptoms were NOT normal. So if you have that problem, you probably have Raynauds.. and you need one of these mats! (this has been a public service announcement for those of you who's doctors don't take you seriously :-)
Ok.. it's time to work. Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

I agree with most of your comments on the new Knitty. I haven't looked at all of the patterns yet, but I know that I printed off 2 of them...I can't remember which ones they are though! ha ha.