Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Craziness

Is it just me, or does Christmas get crazier every year? I've been out every night for 10 days straight and it isn't going to stop any time soon. I'm either going to pull a few all-nighters or there isn't going to be a Christmas at our house. I'm doing everything but what I should be doing.

I have three Erin bags to block, line, and sew handles on for daughter #1. She did the knitting and left the rest to me. I'm just so glad she's knitting that I don't even care. I'm happy to do that for her ... I just need to find the time.

I thought I might get this finished for Mr. C... but it's not looking good.

I have to say that these things are not quite as easy to do as they look. The cutting and machine sewing isn't a problem, but I'm having trouble visualizing hand sewing the (stuffed) mouth and ears onto the sock with a whip stitch. This could be a job for... I don't know... someone who knows how to sew or something. Ugh.

I got the Dashing fingerless gloves finished. They are definitely too small for my son so they will be mine. I love them. Merry Christmas to me. :-)

Cate informs me that she is probably coming home early. I've been using her room as a catch-all. In fact half of my summer clothes are still laying across her bed. So I guess tonight would be a good night to start with the first all-nighter.


Here's a photo of Mr. C's latest encounter with Santa. He was not impressed. We may try again tonight at the mall.

Then again, we may not. (click on to see the terror!)


Anonymous said...

Mr. C does not look like he's into Santy at all! Hope you have a good holiday. Where the heck's Cate been?!

SJ said...

That picture of Mr. C is priceless!

shell said...

Poor Mr. C - he looks so upset!
Don't worry about being behind - I think it has something to do with the Season - seriously! If you do by chance find a way to get more time out of the day - Let me know!!