Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy (almost) New Year!!

I usually review my finished projects for the year at the end of December. I was sitting here thinking that I didn't knit much at all this year compared to other years. I made some soap and I did some sewing. But after reviewing my blog archives, I realize that I did more than I thought. Not as much as previous years, but still more than I thought. FO's are as follows:

Koigu brown socks for me

Michael's neck gaitor in Kraemer washable wool

Fetching fingerless mitts for me

Emily's hand dyed socks (Shelley's sock yarn I think)

Misty Garden scarf for me out of Shelley's hand spun green wool

Opal socks for my mother

Blue hand dyed socks for Kelly

Dream Swatch headband for Kelly

4 cork people

Colin's blue socks

Kelly's Manos scarf and hat

Clementine Shawlette from Maryland Sheep and Wool hand dyed (for me)

Prayer scarf (requested by a sweet nun at a local nursing home)

Purple socks for Cate

Felted bag (that ended up in the Salvation Army bin... I hated that thing)

Vintage shawl (for me) Kraemer Alpaca

Sock Monkey hat for Colin (which he refuses to wear for some reason... my husband says he is smarter than we give him credit for :-P )

Socks for new baby

Spa Socks for my aunt

Lady Eleanor for me ( Best of The Year Award :-)

Giorgio's socks

Charity scarf and hat (which I still have... yikes)

Dashing Mitts (intended for Michael... for me in the end)

Not bad for not much knitting, huh?

Unfinished objects include one pair of adult socks, Meghan's lace sweater (hopeless), the pink lace shawl, and Colin's Aran pullover sweater which I am currently working on.

We went to Barnes and Noble last night and I got his book:

For those of you who like to knit the classics.... this book is for you. There is only one sweater (vest) in this book that I wouldn't knit. Everything else I love. Especially this one..

The scallops at the bottom are knit separately and then sewn on. It's so different. And yet still pretty classy looking. There is another turtle neck pullover that I love with a cabled edge at the bottom and on the sleeves but I don't like how the sleeves are set in. They create some pointy edges at the shoulders which reminds of something Dr. Spock would wear on Star Trek. Check it out:
Am I crazy or is that weird?


Yvonne said...

Sounds like you had a great knitting year!!

shell said...

Wow you have some list there! I am trying to finish a few more items to post to my blog.
Oh - don't worry about the Charity set - we are doing the same project for next year too!
Happy New Years! Hope to see you in the shop on Tues - 12 to 5!